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Oct '96

Rapid Review

Capcom have provided an array of great arcade 2D beat-em-ups such as X-Men and the ongoing Street Fighter series. Dark Stalkers Night Warriors is yet another side-on, multi-character, fighting bonanza.

The game offers a varied selection of both weird and wonderful fighting characters using a re-worked Street Fighter game engine, but we have seen all this before and there isn't a great deal to say about this game that hasn't been said already. Yes there are combo moves and yes there are secret characters to win.

Look, if you enjoyed the arcade version and wouldn't mind a copy to play at home, then go but a copy. Me, I've played enough 2D beat-em-ups to last a lifetime therefore I am off to the pub before heading home to have a real fight.


Dark Stalkers features tidy graphics, neat characters, crisp sounds and 12 varying fighters. The game doesn't break new ground but offers a decent enough two player thrash.

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