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June '96

Rapid Review

Defcon 5 is a first person 3D shoot-em-up where you play a Cyberneer with a mission to roam the vast colony of MRP-6F, tap into the main computer terminal and then repair the automated defence system. Suddenly a fleet of alien ships appears and begins to launch an assault.

Defcon 5 is a race against the clock as you search each level of the complex for software pads and access codes. You must avoid the threat of enemy droids that are programmed to attack anything, or anybody that stands in their way.

The enemies AI is set quite high and each time you replay a level they will attack and land at different locations.

With the use of the computer, doors can be sealed, communications may be made, archives accessed and defence software tweaked. So much to do, so little time

The game is presented using tidy graphics, many stunning FMV sequences and accurate sounds.


Defcon 5 is a mixture of action, adventure and strategy. Unfortunately you may find yourself wandering aimlessly around the levels hoping to find something interesting and this can quickly become frustrating. The shoot-em-up side is fast, frantic and relatively straightforward.

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