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Konami's latest project is a continuation of the story that left you facing a battle with Count Dracula in the SNES game Castlevania IV.

Castlevania X is set many years into the future. You are cast as the son of a vampire hunter that has inherited the special power of shape-shifting that allows you to transform from man to bat or man to mist. This allows you to reach previously unattainable heights or dissolve into a misty haze, then squeeze into tight openings.

|Set in a castle, Castlevania X is essentially a 2D platform game with a touch of RPG in that you may remove the weapons from a defeated enemy and then interact with your fellow characters by handing the weapons across. There are a total of nine weapons to collect, all of which may be powered up to enhance your killing ability. Blood spurts everywhere as you slay your enemies who gain in strength as the game progresses.

Apart from collecting items that are dispersed around the 500 monster filled rooms that may be explored, you may visit the castle store and purchase various helpful accessories that will aid your quest. Magic points and spells may be gained which can be used to alter his form.

The inclusion of interactive scenery allows you to reposition various obstacles to allow you to proceed further into the game while a helpful map may be summoned to ensure you keep track of your surroundings.


The graphics may only be 2D but along with the music they provide a tense atmosphere to the game. The game is massive and will take an age to complete but although a tasty platform romp I found Legacy of Kain much more entertaining.