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Nov '95

Rapid Review

One of the first racing titles to appear on the PSX, ESPN offered the player the chance to swap a roaring engine for the choice of a skateboard, mountain bike, street luges or roller skates, change the racing circuit for a street course and switch the customary homing missile for a straight left hook.

There are two modes of play, Exhibition or a Season. The latter being a collection of races for both points and cash. Similar to Road Rash you may exchange your cash prizes for upgraded racing equipment.

ESPN has five different tracks on offer from varying worldwide locations and a Bonus Cash Course for those skillful enough to pass through every single gate. The gates that appear throughout the race are color coded to highlight their use of either a cash, points or bonus awards. There are a number of obstacles dispersed throughout the course which must be avoided by swerving around or jumping over while your opponents can be kicked or punched from their transport with spectacular effect (well they graze their knees actually).

The graphics are superb with the tracks ranging from downtown San Francisco, the mountains of Utah, the countryside of Tahoa, the forests of South America, and the picturesque setting of Italy. The sounds are excellent with the grunts and groans of the riders as they force their way through the pack, while a connection with a barrier results in a breathtaking thud that will leave you winded just watching it.


This is a most enjoyable racer with the ability to kick and punch your opponent from their transport adding an element of fun to the gameplay. Unfortunately the lack of a two player mode brings down the lastability a little.

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