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FIFA '96




Game Type

Sports Sim



Release Date

June '96

Rapid Review

One of last years top selling Playstation football games, FIFA '96 offers the player a multitude of game options. You may participate in a single game of footy against some of the best teams in the world, enter a league to play out a season of matches, or partake in a knockout tournament against the teams of your choice.

There are a whole range of International teams to choose from, which in effect is the difficulty setting for this game. The selection of the mighty Brazilians should result in victory against most of the opposing nations, while playing as the lowly Kualur Lumpur will see a no-score draw starting celebrations that will go long into the night.

Formation may be adjusted from the standard 4-4-2 to the highly risky 2-2-6, while the camera angle can be set from above the pitch or down by the sidelines.

The commentary is provided by John Motson and includes all the usual quirks and comments.


The sprite graphics in Fifa 96 bare no comparison to the quality offered by it's rival Actua Soccer, however the game plays at a slower pace which may suit some players.

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