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Dec '95

Rapid Review

Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 is a 3D shooter where the player must pilot a AH-73M Thunderhawk attack helicopter. There are over 25 missions on offer ranging from escort, ground assault, rescue, sea attack and ambush.

The game includes an excellent control system that allows you to feel in total control of the helicopter, while a selection of intelligent viewing angles allows you to look all around for signs of incoming attack while aiming your gun from the inside of the cockpit.

What good is an attack helicopter without a decent selection of weapons? Well this war machine is fully armed with a selection of high-tech missiles and bombs that should allow you to cope with anything that your missions could possibly throw at you.

The opening intro is visually stunning while the ingame graphics are splendid with the explosions looking so realistic. There are eight campaigns to choose from which should keep the avid gameplayer occupied for quite some time.


One of the best 3D shoot-em-ups that appeared during the early months of the Playstation and is still playable some eighteen months later.

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