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Nov '96

Rapid Review

Firo and Klaud is a isometric arcade shoot-em-up that follows a cat named Klaud, who gets involved with crime when he inadvertently uncovers a counterfeit racket, and a mad cop gorilla named Firo. Rather than arrest the feline, Firo decides to take him along in search for the boss behind this scam.

Firo is armed with a large gun and Klaud brandishes a catapult. Each character can move in eight directions as well as jump, duck and sidestep. If the game is played in two player mode then each person can choose a character to control, otherwise you may alternate between the duo in a single player game.

The object behind the game is to blast away your enemies and seek out the clues that will lead you to your final confrontation. The play area is littered with power ups such as rapid fire ammo, grenades and homing missiles.


Firo and Klaud looks remarkably similar to Project Overkill and is quite smart in appearance. Only two things spoil an otherwise excellent game. First Firo is a little slow, although this is compensated by his extra large weapon. Secondly there is no save game feature which means if you die then it's all the way back to the start of the game.

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