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April '96

Rapid Review

Gex is a gecko, yes a tropical lizard that has a brash American voice and humor to match, with an array of special moves all packed into his tail.

While watching TV (as lizards do), he was sucked into the screen by Rez, the ruler of Media land. To find his way home, you must guide the green reptile across five themed platform worlds and seek out the remote controls and video tapes that will open up new areas of the game.

Gex can kill his enemies by using collectable power ups or simply lashing them with his tail. Whip out his tongue and swallow the 100 golden bugs that gain an extra life while crawling up walls and moving across platforms.

Bonus levels and warps are hidden throughout the themed worlds that include Kung Fu land, the graveyard and a wacky cartoon world.


Gex is not that bad and I found the game quite challenging. Each level offers varied challenges, but the big question remains - why is it on a 32-bit console?

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