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July '96

Rapid Review

A IV Evolution Global is a building game along the lines of Sim City and Theme Park. The game allows the player to act in the roll of God by turning a barren landscape into a sprawling metropolis of pollution.

You must carefully expand your city providing services, accommodation and employment. This will involve you building office blocks, shopping centres, public services and an efficient transport system to move your citizens around.

Unfortunately life is not only about building up a city but you are also responsible to run the damn place. Now this will involve balancing the books, playing the stock market and providing enough capital to pay your work force.

There is also the helpful advice of your resident foreman who will regularly pop up to offer his advice on the do's and don'ts of construction. He is not necessarily an intelligent man, he just turns up and points out your stupid mistakes.


If you have never played this type of game before it may sound very boring and you may even feel that it should only be played by geeks. Well your wrong as I have yet to meet a person who, when offered the opportunity, has not became completely addicted and totally hooked to this type of building game.

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