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Aug '96

Rapid Review

In the Hunt is a side scrolling submarine shoot-em-up from THQ and Xing Entertainment which you may remember playing in the arcades a few years ago.

Terrorists are launching an attack on the population of Earth from their underwater base and it is your mission to put an end to these atrocities.

The game is split into two levels, above sea and below it with enemy subs providing the underwater threat and swooping choppers to contend with on the surface.

Your submarine is armed with three main weapons which are torpedoes, depth charges and surface to air missiles.

The graphics have been captured superbly from the arcade version and are almost identical, but unfortunately the speed that your sub moves is extremely slow. This proves frustrating as during the majority of the game you are under heavy attack and quick reactions are essential.


If you ever played the arcade version then you will find that very little has changed with the PSX conversion. Lacks meaty firepower and is very 16-bit.

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