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Game Type

Shoot-em-up racer



Release Date

May '96

Rapid Review

Impact Racing is a top rated TV show where criminals compete against each other in a road race shoot-em-up. Survival to the end of the season will be rewarded with an unconditional release from their sentence.

There are three basic tracks which are set in the City, the snowy Mountains and out in Space. Each can be played in four modes which are day-time, night-time, day-time mirror and night-time mirror. There are also a number of bonus tracks available on which your essential stockpile of weapons may be increased.

Firepower appears in the form of heat-seeking missiles, smart bombs, firewalls, laser guns and mines which are dropped on the track to damage the cars in your slipstream. The weapons are collected from the race track or gained from opponents that you destroy.

Power ups are required to increase energy, armor and time allowance. There are six sporty vehicles to choose from which vary in top speeds, firepower and strength of armor.


Impact Racing has tidy graphics and includes a neat soundtrack. I was most impressed by the handling of the vehicles. If your after a high speed, action packed racer, then Impact Racing should deliver.

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