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Developer: Microids OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Microids 1 Player
Game Type: Platform Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Legend has it that in Baghdad the magnificent, the one 
aim in the life of the particularly ill-intentioned 
Grand Vizier Iznogoud is to become Sultan instead of 
the Sultan (otherwise known as Haroun al Plassid)!

With the help of his strong-arm man, Wa'at Alahf, 
Iznogoud stops at nothing to attain his ends...and 
goes from failure to hilarious failure.

So goes the plot to Iznogoud, a fairly standard 
platform game where you take control of the pointy 
toed, silly hatted Iznogoud and progress your way 
through various colourful levels throwing coins and 
bouncing on the heads of your enemies in order to 
become Sultan. 

Being based on the Asterix comic books authored by 
Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Tabary this game 
has a very comical feel, large graphics and colourful 
rendered background set the scene as you jump around
knocking off the Arabian baddies and weird looking animals.


This game is obviously aimed at kids, the problem with 
that is that the developers seem to be using this as an 
excuse to produce a totally crap game. 
This is an insult to the Playstation and to Playstation gamers,
the graphics are 2D, the characters are motion captured but 
still 2D, the gameplay is nothing new and completely unoriginal. 
The only redeeming features is the in-game music, consisting 
mainly of happy tunes, is catchy and interesting but completely 
out of place in this below average game. 
Is Iznogoud any good? 
The answer is in the question!

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