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March '96

Rapid Review

Platform games have been around for ions and while graphical content has improved immensely the gameplay has remained static and tired.

Shooting enemies, defeating bosses and collecting items are once again the order of the day with Johnny Bazookatone.

Johnny is a cool dude who sports purple hair, flash clothes and carries a guitar that switches into a lethal machine gun called Anita. Now Anita is of vital importance to our Johnny as it can be whirled around to release musical notes that are deadly to his enemies while firing downwards when jumping, will slow down his descent to allow him to reach previously inaccessible areas of the game. It can also be used to propel him through dangerous waters.

Johnny's mission is to rescue various members of his band that are trapped throughout the game. Each level has an individual theme which are wide and varied.


The opening intro is superb, the 3D graphics are neat, but don't expect anything new in the gameplay.

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