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November '96

Rapid Review

The Playstation was screaming for a platform game that provided something slightly different for the player and this was duly received in the form of Jumping Flash. The main character was a super-hero rabbit/robot who could leap miles into the air before landing on top of his enemies to destroy them. Jumping Flash 2 sees our hero return for a brand new adventure.

Jumping Flash 2 is set in a world that allows you to jump around virtually anywhere within the 3D floating islands and is viewed from the first person perspective.

Three huge planets are initially available for you to investigate but beware, as each are infested with a wide range of enemies that appear in the form of bugs and mutants. The object of the game is to rescue the friendly creatures that are lost within these massive worlds. Flash has a built in detector that will help him to locate these prisoners.

Great heights can be reached by leaping from floating platforms onto rooftops while the seemly unreachable areas may be accessed by riding on top of rising cable cars, moving walkways and strange blue floating whales.


Flash 2 sees a huge graphical improvement over the original game and brings a breath of fresh air to the otherwise stale format of the platform genre.

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