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Jan '96

Rapid Review

Set in the year 2018, when Siberia has been wasted by an alien invasion, Krazy Ivan is a one-man-revolution who is strapped inside a 40 foot, 50 ton mech warrior power suit. Yep, it's the very first PSX mech robot shoot-em-up.

The game is mission based with tasks involving hostage rescue, destruction of buildings and reactors to blow up. The games main objectives will see you come face to face with enemy robot guardians who inhabit the battlezones. Your co-pilot will brief you before battle and if you listen carefully there will be a few tips given on the enemies weakspots.

Weapons appear in the usual form of missiles, lasers and extremely large bombs. mission locations have varying landscapes and are set in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, N. America and France.


The opening FMV is superb and the in-game graphics are brilliant. Unfortunately the gameplay is too easy and even on the most difficult setting a one armed, partially blind orangutan will complete it in a couple of hours. Acceptable in it's time but now superceded by Mech Warrior 2.

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