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Nov '96

Rapid Review

Lomax originates back to a Megadive title called Flink where the hero negotiated a series of platform stages using spell related abilities to destroy his enemies. Renamed Lomax, the Evil Ed has cast his spell over Lemmingland and our hero is the only person who can set this land to rights.

Similar to Rayman, the game features attractive sprite characters and is set in a lush forest with swinging ledges. Each level is patrolled by Lemmings who, under the spell of Ed, attempt to kill Lomax by attacking him. Luckily he has a spin attack that rebounds their advances which in turn returns them back to normal so they can fly off to safety.

Lomax incorporates a spell system where the press of the Select button offers a number of icons that circle his head. In each icon is a spell that has been collected throughout the game. These are found in clay pots which when opened reveal a cache of gold coins or a hat. When the hat is worn any further pots that are opened will endow him with a particular skill such as the ability to build platforms to access higher levels, digging holes, grabbing onto ledges and the ability to hover.


Lomax is a clone of Rayman (or visa vera) and feature the same level of gameplay.

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