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Nov '95

Rapid Review

When Loaded was released it proved to shock many with it's unadulterated violence and gore. The object of the game was to select one of the six murderous misfits, arm yourself to the teeth and basically kill everything in sight. No puzzles, no strategy, no adventure, just work your way through a high security prison and maim and disfigure everyone in sight. To avoid backtracking over previously visited locations, the enemy corpses remained splattered all over the scenery.

Power ups are littered around the playing area and will certainly be required as the enemies attack mob-handed, generally from all directions and usually in groups of twenty. Luckily your weapon can be upgraded to ridiculous levels of power but a loss of life will see this drastically reduced back down to pea-shooter strength.

Colored keys must be collected to open up new areas of the game, which is all about survival. Loaded is viewed from a top-down perspective with the control pad allowing you to zoom in and out of the action.


When I first played Loaded I thought it was mindless crap. Many months on I played the follow up Re-Loaded and loved it. This urged me to give the original game another chance. I still thought it was mindless, but this time I quite enjoyed the mayhem, but only for a couple of hours at a time.

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