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April '96

Rapid Review

Magic Carpet is a strategic shoot-em-up that sees you playing an apprentice wizard who must restore peace and equilibrium to the world. This is achieved by hopping on board a magical flying carpet and performing a set task within each of the 75 lands.

When arriving at a new world you must begin the task of constructing a castle which is built from Mana. The Mana is revealed when each of the 14 enemy creatures are destroyed. It must then be collected by casting a possession spell over it and then transported back to your castle by an air balloon.

Unfortunately you are not the only person within these worlds who requires the Mana, as up to seven rival wizards are prepared to become a right pain in the butt as they consistently turn up to steal your precious Mana.

There are 24 possible spells to be found in Magic Carpet of which some are visually stunning. Fireballs will destroy most enemies, as will lightning. But for the most devastating effect then the casting of a volcano spell, or a crater spell over your rivals castle is a pleasure to behold.

The level is complete when you have re-possessed all of the neutral buildings and your castle has reached a certain stature.


There is so many good things to say about Magic Carpet but there are equally as many bad points that border on the frustrating.

Magic carpet is a massive game and will take you an age to complete. The enemy creatures look terrific, everything moves at a tremendous speed, the effects are stunning and the graphics are superb.

Unfortunately there is an annoying mist that constantly surrounds you. This cuts down your vision to a few metres, therefore just as you are about to destroy a rival wizard he will disappear into the clouds and return fully recharged. The gameplay is very repetitive and to be honest I became extremely bored after a third of the game. With 24 spells to select from, you will probably be dead by the time you load up your choice.

However, if you have a spare six months, then Magic Carpet will certainly fill in your time.

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