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April '96

Rapid Review

This game is basically a history lesson of Mickey Mouse's cartoon adventures from way back at the beginning of his life with the black and white version of Steam Boat Willie.

Viewed from a side-on perspective, with a few 3D sections thrown in for good measure, Mickey's Wild Adventure is a platform game that follows the traditional format for this genre, collecting items, swinging over hazards and zapping baddies.

Most of the levels are short and involve manoeuvering across a number of hazards towards to the exit door on the right hand side of the screen, and because of this you will probably complete the whole game in a couple of days.

The graphics are of a standard expected from an associated Walt Disney character as they are sharp, bright and colorful. The opening level has a nice touch to it as it begins in black and white before color gradually seeps onto the screen.


I played Mickeys Wild Adventure on the Mega drive about 3 years ago and surprise, surprise, the 32-bit version is almost identical. The game is fine to play but I cannot understand why it was converted onto the Playstation. Essentially for the kids, so you would be better off picking up a cheap 16-bit version.

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