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Distributor: SNK 1-2 Player
Game Type: Action Side-Scroller (Japanese Import) Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Metal Slug is yet another SNK developed title that has been imported 
to the Playstation from their own Neo Geo system.  It's an action packed
side-scrolling army action game that pits one of two Rambo wanna-be's
against a plethora of enemies.  

Movement in the game is strictly left to right, with the customary
platforms jumps and stairway climbs.  As you move to the right, you can
no longer venture to the "off-screen" left side...just keep on moving
forward like a good little soldier.  

Everything in the game is sprite based with excellent character
animation and smooth scrolling, colorful parallax backgrounds.  The 
game is broken up into six different missions that take you through a 
variety of terrain conditions; from a watery swamps, through a war-ravaged 
city and over frozen tundra.    The object is to rescue as many POW's as 
you possible can while laying waste to an overwhelming amount of enemies 
and then ultimately crushing the boss at the end of each mission.

While the odds may appear to be stacked in the enemy's favor, you are
not without your own devices for destruction.  Throughout the game you
will find power-ups and weapons to assist you in your fight.  There are
shotguns, rocket launchers, machine guns and my personal favorite - the
handy dandy Flame-thrower!  There is nothing quite as satisfying as
toasting a platoon of opposing soldiers...

Now there is one thing you should know about Metal Slug, the game is
violent...extremely violent.  You are literally mowing through scores 
of bad guys taking them out with your assortment of weapons with blood
flying around all over the place.  War may indeed be hell, but this game
is bloody good fun!  The action is non-stop, with your only breather
coming in between missions.

To add a little twist to the gameplay, on each level there a vehicle,
aptly called "the Metal Slug" that your character can jump into and use
to spread death and destruction throughout the land.  The slugs have
much more firepower than your hand held weapons and also offer you
considerably more protection.  Of course once the slug is destroyed,
you're back on your own two feet again dishing out your own special
blend of eradication. 

Sound effects are very nice with explosions, screams and other warfare
noises thrown in for good measure.  The music is also good, it's driving
and dramatic without being obtrusive or annoying. 

There is also a Playstation exclusive Art Gallery section that lets you
review various artist sketches of the game.


Boy, Metal Slug really pleasantly surprised me.  The missions are 
spaced out just right, with a good deal of diversity between each one and 
the action is energetic and fast-paced throughout.  There is also an
excellent two-player cooperative mode thrown in to spice things up.  
The only unfortunate thing about this game is that it may never see a US
release.  It's been out in Japan now for quite awhile and Sony may
consider the game a bit too violent (due to its military theme) to
release it over here.  A shame indeed because the game is basically a
straight forward, mindless shooter that lets you place your brain on
hold for a few hours and just have a basic good old time blowing up
everything in sight.  

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