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November 96

Rapid Review

Motor Toon GP 2 is a Micro Machines type cartoon racing game. There are five standard tracks to select from initially but a further five are available in Championship mode when playing on the normal difficulty setting. These are mirrors of the first tracks but include speed up arrows and money bag pick ups. Toon Village is a fairly basic track, Toon Island is a tough course with fast corners, Crazy Coaster is made from glass, Gullivers House 2 that is packed with hairpins, Haunted castle has many tough jumps and bridges to overcome, Snow Village has snowy surrounds, Night Island has tough corners, Galaxy Coaster is set in space, Gullivers Night has treacherous bends and Heavenly Castle is both challenging and rewarding.

Start with a choice of four characters and a further four are to be won in Championship mode. Vehicles are bizarre for a racing game with options to race a train, an alien craft and a motorbike. Strange weapons are available in the form of a jump welly and wibbly-wobbly vehicles.

Sub games are available in the championship in professional mode. So if you fancy a game of Tank Combat and Submarine X then your going to have to tackle Motor Toon GP 2 on the hard setting.


The availability of a two player link-up mode will double the playability in this fun filled game for a laugh.

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