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Game Type

Retro Gaming



Release Date

Sept '96

Rapid Review

From the days that time forgot, Namco open their Museum for the very first time and allow you to play some of those classic games from your childhood years. Just one thing before you go in, be prepared for a shock.

Galaga is the shoot-em-up that was the next step on from Space Invaders and for the first time features aliens that swooped at you. Wow.

A similar game to asteroids where you can move and fire in all eight directions while trying to blast a space station. becomes a little too hectic as the game progresses.

A highly playable maze game that has plenty of levels and loads to do. Explore the mazes and shoot things that get in your way.

Run around those mazes eating pills to boost up your score while avoiding chasing ghosts. Pop those large pills to change the ghosts blue, then gobble them up to score bonus points.

Rally X
A racing game where the track scrolls across the screen. The game is set in a maze format with an on-screen radar showing the whereabouts of the flags you must collect and the enemy vehicles you must avoid.

Pole Position
There are four different race tracks with each featuring a different background. To enter a Grand Prix you must first qualify by producing a fast time in a one lap time trial. If successful, you will be given your starting position for the four lap main race. The course has a number of checkpoints that must be reached in the allowed time while a collision with another vehicle, or an off course signpost, will see your racing car burst into flames leaving wheels littering the course.


Some good, some bad, but most of them are ugly. Strictly for retro gameplayers.

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