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Game Type

Retro Gaming



Release Date

Dec '96

Rapid Review

OK retro's, all aboard Namco's time machine for their second blast from the past.

A vertically scrolling shoot-em-up where your fighter carries a twin-blaster to dispatch airborne aggression. Boasts the first ever sprites to be pre-rendered by a computer.

Similar to Galaxians where the destruction of a specific craft offers you a tractor beam which locks onto enemy targets. These are then dragged down the screen to join your vessel and build up your own forces.

A cross between Breakout and Arcanoid and Pinball. A ball is released into the playing area where it bounces around hitting flashing targets. The player controls two paddles, one at the base and the other in the middle of the table. At the top of the screen is a set of blocks that must be removed.

Mappy Mouse must collect the stolen artifacts that are scattered around each level. Chasing cats must be avoided by slamming doors in their faces in this retro platform game.

Simple to look at, a bitch to play as survival is the aim of the game in this very early tank strategy game. Viewed from a top down perspective there is a degree of tactical play and a desire to beat the tougher levels.

Dragon Blaster
An early scrolling RPG adventure where you hack your way across the screen collecting potions, armor and fireball scrolls. Fight your way past dragons, skeletons and wizards and if you die you will probably never load up this game again.


Those were the days. Memories. When I was a lad. What more can I say.

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