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Game Type

Sports Sim



Release Date

April 96

Rapid Review

One of the most impressive aspects of NBA in the Zone is that all of the players have been modelled on their real life counterparts. Their actual faces have been texture mapped over the heads of each player while they also have the same height and build as the person they represent.

Motion capture has been used to give the players movements a sense of realism. The graphics move between animation in a very realistic way.

There are the usual in-game options which are Exhibition matches, Tournaments and Play-offs as well as virtually every single basket ball team imaginable to select from. Each team has detailed kits while their home court sports an individual design. You can examine the formation of each team as well as check out each individual players statistics and performance history.

The controls are extremely effective with instinctive attacking and defending moves.

Each of the three available camera angles are intelligently positioned and keep up with the flow of play zooming in and out to always allow the player to keep an eye on the ball, which is essential.


An enjoyable one player game and a fun two player romp with gameplay that slots between NBA Jam and Total NBA.

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