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Developer: Cave OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Atlus 1-2 Player
Game Type: Racer Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Peak Performance is a racing game where you have the opportunity to
drive over 20 different cars around various race courses. You start the
game by choosing your car from one of 5 garages, each holding a variety
of different cars from family sedans and Street Racers to Hotrods.
Initially you begin the game with access to 3 courses, the courses range
from twisting mountain passes to dirt tracks and tight urban roads.

There is an interesting Course Edit feature that allows you to set up a
series of way points around a predefined track.  During play you are
directed around the course by an arrow in an attempt to set the best time. 
The edited course can also be played in two player mode which adds 
a new dimension.

The two player mode allows you to play with either horizontal or
vertical split screens with a small twist in that the screen switches
between split and full screen depending on your proximity with your
opponent, so if you're racing very closely you get full screen action
all the time.

Scream up and down mountain roads, go crazy and lay some rubber in the
middle of town, take your machine through tunnels and over bridges in an
attempt to be named the best driver.


This, and all games released in the next few months, suffers from what I
will call "Gran Turismo-itus", Peak Performance is a fine game but when
compared to Gran Turismo is just doesn't stand up at all. The graphics
are average at best, pop-up and clipping is terrible and detracts
enormously from the driving fun. Did I say fun? It's not really, the
realism meter has been turned way down, driving your car is like driving
a dodgem, you actually bounce off the invisible barriers on the edge of
the tracks.

Having said that, anybody interested in driving games should probably
have a look at Peak Performance, it has some interesting courses and
options available and will probably prove an adequate distraction if you
ever become sick of playing GT.

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