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Interplay / Celeris


Game Type

Pool Sim



Release Date

Jan '97

Rapid Review

Green baize simulations have proved incredibly popular in a video game format over the years, with many excellent offerings on the Amiga and the PC. Virtual Pool, released eighteen months ago, is regarded as the best PC pool game available. Virtual Pool is an accurate 3D physical model of the game and features a wealth of camera angles with the option to alter the color of the table.

Virtual Pool also includes an animated history of billiards in an encyclopedia format. There is also a tutorial mode available which shows a major league pool player displaying a huge selection of trick shots in glorious FMV. The game engine will actually work out the angle calculations for each shot, taking into account friction and spin transfer, while using precise cueing actions.

The cue action is easy to control as you simply line up your shot, hold down the X button and pull back the D-pad to gauge the strength.

There are three versions of pool to play, so you can invite your mates around, open up a four pack and choose between Straight Pool, 8-ball Pool, and 9-ball Pool.


Virtual pool will hardly set the world on fire but as it is presently the only pool simulation on the PSX then it must be judged as such. The shots that you play appears to be accurately represented and even the computer duffs the odd shot, so it should provide a realistic challenge. Pool is however a two player game and it is here where the game satisfies most.

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