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Developer: Psygnosis OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Psygnosis 1 Player
Game Type: RPG Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Sentient is essentially a RPG set in a mining space station 
which orbits the sun. Playing as a medical technician, Garret, 
you have been recruited to investigate an outbreak of radiation 
sickness, which could decimate the entire population of the station.  
Circumstances force your craft to crash land in the docking bay 
where you find that all is not as it seems. The captain has been 
murdered, the ship is heading straight for the sun and the 
engineers are taking over the ship. 

There are 12 deck levels in Sentient, with over 200 different 
locations to explore, and the game features 60 different characters. 
The interaction is open ended, meaning that anything said to one 
person could effect your relationship with the entire crew. 
There are four categories of character in the game being engineers, 
scientists, medics and security staff, each with an individual 
personalties varying from dominant and submissive to silly and serious.


Sentient is different to anything developed before, 
as it is set in a 3D first person perspective, while the gameplay 
is a role playing game mixed with adventure. The plot is incredibly 
complex and as you progress you will find that there are many 
different twists to the tale.

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