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Feb '97

Rapid Review

Cool Spot was a polished platformer that saw the character climbing ledges and ropes while collecting as many red dots as possible to free his family. Spot now sets off for Hollywood but has fallen into the works of a cinema projector and must make his way to the end of each scrolling world in his latest adventure.

You job is to guide Spot through 40 levels of mayhem, each of which is based on a collection of some of the best ever movies to be made for the big screen. Classics such as Aliens, Star Wars and Indiana Jones all are featured within this game.

The game is a cartoon-style adventure in which you will have to use your brain power to solve the many puzzles that need to be solved as you progress through the game. Secret levels are there to be discovered, but finding them won`t be easy.

Your adversaries will include Ninjas, Zombies, Spiders and many more. You will have to be at your Kung-Fu-Fighting, Gun Slinging, light-sabering best in order to survive ..... sometimes it may be better just to run away!


Although the game features a smart graphical content and some tasty accompanying music, the gameplay is flawed by a nasty control system that just doesn't seem to work correctly which results in confusion. It is still playable but some of the levels can be a bit dull and repetitive.

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