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Ubi Soft


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Jan '97

Rapid Review

Street Racer is a wacky driving game which features a selection of characters who all have individual attacks and driving attributes. The aim of the game is to manoeuvre through the pack, taking out your opponents by attaching bombs to their vehicles, overtaking and lapping as you hopefully steer your way to victory.

Each of the drivers are 3D modelled and are armed with their own personal array of weaponary. There is a selection of 28 new and varied tracks, and a frame rate that will not fall below 60 frames per second. Each of the tracks have an individual theme and an abundance of tricky obstacle to overcome.

With the use of 2 multi-tap adapters, up to eight players can join in with the fun. This was the first bold attempt at so many players participating in a race on one split screen.

Although similar to Mario Cart, the 3D angles and the zoom out option can only enhance what was already a very good game.


The original 16-bit version of this racing game was immensely popular and it could have been understandable if Street Racer was tidied up and bundled onto the next generation consoles. But to Uni Softs credit, the game has been stripped down to the core and completely rewritten for the Playstation punters. Well structured and accomplished game but does lack that extra buzz that the top racers provide.

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