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Developer: Konami OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Konami 1 Player
Game Type: RPG Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Suikoden is a RPG set in a mediaeval fantasy world, where you are 
cast as the spoilt son of the ruler over the Scarlet Moon Empire. 
As trouble looms on the borders of the Empire, you are drafted 
into the Imperial Army where the plot unfolds that you see that 
your fathers corrupt reign through the eyes of his subjects and 
that the beloved Empire is in fact run in a barbaric and sadistic 
way, with the citizens receiving harsh and brutal treatment. 
Whose side should you take? Stay loyal to your corrupt leader 
or betray your father and take charge of a band of rebels who 
will rise against the Empire.

Suikoden is a game about responsibilities and decision making 
but handled in an easy going way, with a touch of humor and charm. 
The game is structured into a series of sub quests which gather 
into the overall picture. You must guide your character around 
the various locations, conversing with people and examining 
objects, while not forgetting to equip yourself with armor 
and weapons, as in Suikoden, there is a hell of a lot fighting 
to partake in.

Your band of rebels can hold up to six members, with each 
having their individual strength, speed and skill, which 
grows with each excursion into battle. You will find that 
the groups make-up will constantly change as new friends join 
or old acquaintances are re-enlisted. With the 180 potential 
recruits you will meet throughout the course of the game, you 
will discover that their ability and trades will help you to 
decide whether to enlist them or not as you will meet engineers, 
merchants, artists, gamblers, librarians and minstrels, with 
companions resting in your castle until required.

Suikodens world is colossal, featuring many towns, cities, 
castles and dungeons and when you are confronted by a monster 
or a group of bandits, the screen will dissolve and you will 
be whisked away to a combat screen where you will have to decide 
if you will fight, flee or bribe the enemy. You may select to 
battle one on one or army upon army, and if you wish to fight, 
then you will give each of your troops an order of when and 
how to fight, defend or cast a spell as the battles are all 
turnbased. Once each member has completed their orders, the 
cycle begins again until one side is victorious.


Apart from the fighting scenes, Suikoden is no great 
looker and could easily be mistaken for a 16 bit RPG, but the 
thousands of possible stories and massive gameplay will 
undoubtedly convert many to trade their bomber jackets in 
for an Anorak

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