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July '96

Rapid Review

The original Toshinden was warmly received by so many gameplayers when it was released during the birth of the PSX and the sequel has been an eagerly anticipated event. When released in Japan, Toshinden 2 received rave reports and it sold by the millions.

The game opens with a tasty intro that mixes live actors with rendered characters.

The options include a two player game, round time, difficulty setting and the number of preferred battle rounds. The sequel includes a selection of the original characters plus a few brand new fighters to choose from, also there are a few hidden ones to access. Eiji Shindo the swordsman makes a welcome return, as does the gorgeous Sofia and the miner Rungo. The magician Fo returns to blast his balls around the arena, alongside Ellis, Mondo, Duke B Rambert, Gaia the monk, Tracy the US cop and Chaos the mad beast.

The graphics are a vast improvement over the original being so much more detailed, while the backgrounds include many nice animations of oceans, rivers and mountain tops. The fighters look awesome but lack the motion that is displayed so well in Tekken. Blocking remains a problem as you must pull back to block off an attack and this will often result in getting caught from your opponent with a multiple combo attack. Near the edge of the ring you can often fool characters into plummeting top their doom by rolling to one side as they rush towards you.


If you liked the first game you will just love the latest edition.

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