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Aug 96

Rapid Review

There have been many attempts to take the pastime of playing pinball in the arcades and recreate this into a video game format on the Playstation. Many have offered a selection of themed tables. All have attempted to provide the perfect 3D viewing angles. Most have failed miserably.

Empire Interactive's effort is different. Pro Pinball The Web has only got one table, but this solitary offering has taken all the best elements from real machines and gelled them into a highly playable game.

The game can be viewed from any one of six viewpoints. Because the game does not scroll you can view the entire pinball surface while playing, which is important. The graphics are displayed in high resolution and incorporate an unbelievable 30,000 colors.

The game is 'mission' based including loop challenges, multiple skill shots and features a challenging multi-ball the uses up to 6 balls.

The ball reacts realistically when it comes into contact with the flippers, targets and ramps to provide a PSX pinball game that is a close to the real thrill of playing a table in an arcade.


Six views but only one table. However, the Web offers more gameplay than all previous pinball efforts combined.

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