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A.P.I Review: WHIZZ
Developer: Flair Software OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Konami 1 Player
Game Type: Platform Password
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Whizz is an isometric platform game, a very old style platform game at 
that.  The player controls Whizz the rabbit who must quickly negotiate a 
network of platforms and obstacles to allow the furry creature to complete 
a race in the allowed time.  To slow his progress the animals path is alive 
with deadly enemies just waiting to grab the final ingredient for their 
rabbit stew supper.

Controlling Whizz is a simple affair - press one button to jump and another 
to spin attack the enemies.  There are three levels of difficulty while 
completion of a group of races offers a password save point.

The opening sequences feature a cute fluffy bunny rabbit on board a floating 
balloon passing through a mountainous region.  Whizz is followed closely by 
his buddy Mr Rat who can do nothing but look on helplessly as the fidgeting 
rabbit tumbles from his basket to land on the meadows below.  This is all 
very bright, colorful and remarkably well animated and only serves to wet 
the appetite for the game ahead.

On loading the first level you cannot fail to be impressed by the brightly 
colored style in which Whizz is presented.  Furthermore this is all backed 
by a selection of nursery rhyme music that should attract younger kids 
directly to the screen.  If you refuse to pass over the starting line at the 
beginning of a level Whizz will begin juggling colored balls, roll a die and 
throwing playing cards towards the camera.

On screen you have an hourglass timer and clock countdown, number of remaining 
lives, a small toadstool that represents your life and your game score.  To 
increase your game score Whizz must run over various pick-ups and jump on 
buttons to launch rockets.  There are also a number of colored flags to 
collect while health may be replenished by spinning into enemies and munching 
the red toadstools that appear.  Beware as certain enemies leave blue toadstool 
which, if eaten, will reduce your health even further.

As you proceed through each level you will eventually reach immovable objects 
such as solid brick walls, glass doors and wooden fences.  To break these 
down Whizz must seek out the relevant magic icon that will allow him to 
smash through these barriers.

Completion of a level within the allowed time limit moves you onto a new 
course with more hazards and a tighter time schedule.


Whizz has been around for years and must have been released on almost 
every major platform. Unfortunately it always receives poor reviews and 
I'll tell you the reason why.  Although the graphics are pleasant enough 
with everything's presented in a brightly colored style, the control system 
is dreadful.   In fact it's worse than that.  When playing you would think 
that the rabbit has had a large pole inserted up it's backside which is then 
slotted down through the platform.  Whizz can only move in four directions - 
in straight lines.   He comes to a corner and rather than run around it he 
must go a little further forward then take a 90° turn.  If you don't hit the 
'gap' perfectly you must go a little further until you reach the next 
accessible 'slot'. Poor level design also means that everything feels as 
thought it's just been thrown down on the play area. 

A truly awful game. 

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