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Developer: Activision OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Activision 1-2 Player
Game Type: Various Memory Card
Review Date: September 1998 Standard Joypad

Setting the Scene

With all the latest and greatest games with their snappy, flashy
graphics on their way for the Holiday Season, it sometimes makes the
serious gamer somewhat nostalgic for the games of yesteryear.  What
happened to the days of the old ATARI 2600 with its simple graphics and
sounds, but riveting gameplay?  

Well, Activision brings us back in time with its new Activision
Classics, a collection of thirty (30) memorable ATARI 2600 games.  Let's
take a trip back in time and see where this whole gaming craze started.


Nostalgic (ATARI 2600)


Activision Classics reminded me just how far we have come with video
game graphics in the past fifteen years.  Graphics like these would be
laughed out of the industry today, but somehow Activision makes it work.

Back in their day these simple, single color sprite graphics were state
of the art!  And even though they aren't very good by today's standards,
they really do fit the games well and keep things exciting.  Plain and
simple graphics with great gameplay will always work in my book.  I grew
up on the ATARI 2600 and I still love these games, graphics and all,

Sounds and Effects

These fall into the same bucket as the graphics.  By today's standards
they are definitely sub-par, but back then they were considered amazing.
Just look at the difference in Pitfalls.  The old ATARI version has a
computer generated Tarzan yell when you swing on the vines, today's
version has Harry talking to you and making smart ass comments
throughout the game!  But just like the graphics, these sounds really do
fit the game, and you older gamers that use to play the ATARI a lot will
appreciate what Activision has done here.  Bleep...bleep...


Activision Classics is a compilation of thirty (30) memorable Activision
games for the ATARI 2600.

Atlantis, Barnstorming,	Boxing, Chopper Command,	Cosmic Commuter,		
Crackpots, Dolphin,		Dragster,	Enduro,	Fishing Derby,	Freeway,			
Frostbite,	Grand Prix,	H.E.R.O. Ice Hockey, 	Kaboom!		Keystone Kapers,
Laserblast 	Megamania,		Pitfall! Plaque Attack, 	River Raid,
River Raid 2,	Sea Quest, 	Skiing,	Sky Jinx,	Spider Fighter'
Stampede,		Starmaster,		Tennis.

This is the first time that these games have been brought together for
the PlayStation with emulation technology that allows the games to look,
sound and play just like they did on the ATARI 2600.  That means you
really only need the D-Pad and one button for almost all of the games.
Controls just don't get much easier than this these days. 
This is a great way to sit back and remember the good old days of
gaming.  I forgot how much fun the ATARI 2600 was to play.  

Value for Money

With thirty (30) different games to choose from, how can you go wrong.
Activision is asking a very modest price for such a great compilation of
classics.  In my opinion this game is definitely worth the price, just
to experience history, not to mention the fact that it is really a lot
of fun to play them!
GRAPHICS: 00/20 I loved getting back to the basics of the ATARI 2600. It really brought back a lot of good memories and created new ones because it is so much fun.

I'm not going to break the scores down for graphics, etc. because it wouldn't be fair to compare these games with today's technology. Instead I will give just one overall grade of 90% and leave you with this:

I truly enjoyed playing these games. It was a lot of fun to reminisce and compare. I will be playing Activision Classics for a long time to come.
SOUND: 0/10
VALUE: 00/20


GRAPHICS: 00/20 Oh man...what a rush it was playing these games again. I had totally forgotten just how raw and primitive the old 2600 games actually were. I had also forgotten just how much pure unadulterated fun they provided.

The selection of old Activision titles presented here is mostly all classic games, from the top down slugfest of Boxing to the timeless classic gameplay of Pitfall. These games are sure to stimulate your memory and take you back to a time when gameplay totally ruled and cutting edge polygon graphics with CG cut scenes was just a neuron spark in some programmers mind.

I have to go along with Kevin on his scoring just wouldn't be fair to judge the games on graphics and sound. It would drag the overall score down and not give a favorable indication of the overall joy these games are to play.

Now, where exactly do I insert this disc into my old 2600....hmmmm.
SOUND: 0/10
VALUE: 00/20


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