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E A Sports

1-4 Players

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

July 1997

Link Cable

Setting the Scene

First off, let me start this review by saying that I LOVE driving/racing games. It was a major decision maker for me when I purchased my PlayStation. That being said, as soon as Andretti Racing was released I jumped in my car and made like Mario over to my nearest PSX software distributor.


Andretti Racing is actually two racing games in one. You get to choose between Stock car racing and Indy car racing. You also have a choice of exhibition or season racing on 16 different courses. All three Andretti's (Mario, Micheal and Jeff) had input on the design of this game and it really shows, read on....


Car graphics are good, but not in the same league as F1. Decals are easy to read and the inside of the car is nicely done. The tracks are a bit grainy but overall graphic presentation is fine. There is no pop-up but you do get polygon shredding if you hit walls at certain angles (i.e. your car melts into the walls). Animation of the cars is great. Tires smoke, wheels turn, cars crash and flip nicely and the damage sustained in a crash stays until you make a pit stop or are too damaged to continue the race. I especially liked the picture in picture. You can change the PIP view to show the lead car, a behind the car view (which acts as a rear view mirror) and several other settings. Again, nothing ground breaking here, but above average graphics overall.

Sounds and Effects

The sounds effects are nicely done. The Indy cars have that realistic hum that builds to a high pitched whine (which, by the way, can get rather annoying!) and the stock cars have a nice throaty sound to them. Sounds for wall scraping, crashes, pits stops, tire changes, skidding, etc. are all nicely covered. The announcer starts the race and adds various comments here and there. You also have the pit crew telling you to stop for tire changes, etc. The music is rocking and really gets you into the game. Nothing much more to be said... Not ground breaking but certainly adequate.


Electronic Arts just has that knack for high presentation/production values. James Brown introduces each race and the sports commentary is done by Derek Daily and Bob Jenkins. Sixteen world-class tracks to choose from and game play mechanics that are extremely well done. The car and driver physics are incredibly realistic.

The Indy cars are pin-point responsive and the Stock cars handle like, well like you are driving a normal car at breakneck speed! You can just tell that the Andretti's had their hands all over this part of the game. Drivers are extremely aggressive and don't think twice about knocking you into a wall or cutting you off.

There are loads of options to choose from too. In exhibition mode, you can battle head to head with a friend or link up for four player action! Also in exhibition you can drive on any of the sixteen courses with either the Indy or Stock cars. Each car can be modified before the qualifying and actual race runs. Modifications include soft/hard tires, front and rear wing adjustments, manual/automatic shift and acceleration.

Since each track takes a different strategy, you will need to constantly make minor adjustments to suite your driving needs and skills. The season mode allows you to pick Stock or Indy car and race through an entire season, saving your stats along the way. There is also a training school mode where you can get advice from the masters themselves. Overall this is a very nice racing package. Two driving games for the price of one.

Now here's the problem... taken separately, the Indy racing falls short of F1 and the Stock car racing falls quite a bit short of Nascar racing. Both of these titles are due out in the US in October. If you can't wait for them or don't have the budget to get the other two, you can do much worse than Andretti Racing. I really like this game and the two player mode can't be beat!

Value for Money

A very competent racing package. It handles both sides of the fence (Indy and Stock car racing) very well, just not exceeding in either category. If your like me and love driving games, this one is a no brainer, buy it NOW! If you like to just dabble with racing games and are curious, by all means rent it first. It may just convert you to the dark side... of racing that is!





My current favorite driving game! I place it right up there with Need For Speed.











I tried and tried to love this game, but having played the likes of Indycar on the P.C and Formula 1 on the PSX, this game just left me. It was neither realistic enough to be classed as a good simulation, nor addictive enough to be classes an arcade racer. The graphics were below par, the controls were very abrupt when using the joypad and there was little feeling of speed on many of the tracks. Sorry guys, lets hope the sequel is a whole lot better.








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