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A.P.I Review: Crash Bandicoot 3:
Developer: Naughty Dog OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: SCEA 1 Player
Game Type: Platform Memory Card
Review Date: December 1998 Dual Shock/Analog

Setting the Scene

Setting off for his third adventure on the Playstation that lovable old
marsupial, Crash Bandicoot is out to show that he hasn't lost a step.
In fact, I do believe that he has a few new steps to show off.

When we last saw Crash he had left the evil Dr. Neo Cortex totally
pissed, as his dreams for world domination were once again shattered.
Not one that's allowed to rest on his totally kicked-in butt, the doc is
summoned by his sinister boss, Uka Uka (Aku Aku's evil twin mask).   Uka
Uka wants Neo to put an end to Crash once and for all and isn't about to
take "no" for an answer.  So off the crazy Cortex goes in an effort to
rid the world of our favorite mascot.

Crash isn't one to take such a challenge lightly though, so he enlists
to help of his little sister Coco to help him battle the evil Dr. and to
try and collect the worlds valuable Gems and Crystals before Cortex can.

Can Crash defeat the dishonorable Dr. once and for all?  Will Coco be
able to survive the ordeal?  Will Aku Aku get a chance to meet his lost
brother Uka Uka and discuss old times?  Do you care?  Well, you should!

So sit back, relax and get ready to read about what could possibly be
Naughty Dog's Swan song for the Playstation's Crash series...Crash
Bandicoot: WARPED. 


WARPED is a 2D ½ platform adventure game that take Crash through a
multitude of era's via time travel.


The graphics in WARPED are about as crisp and tasty as any you are
likely to see on the Playstation.  It seems that each time a Crash game
comes out, the developers find some way to squeeze a little bit more
juice from the PSX and delight their fans with the best graphics in a
game series.  This game is no exception, as the graphics are truly

Playing through WARPED is like the equivalent of sitting in front of
your TV and watching and extremely well made cartoon.  The amount of
animation and color depth is startling.  Movement of Crash and the rest
of the characters in the game are exceptionally fluid.  There is rarely
a moment in the game where you do not feel totally immersed in its
realm.  There is constantly something going on in the backgrounds as
well as your immediate gameplaying foreground.   

Right from the first Crash game I have always admired the way the
developers were able to bring forth an environment that looked so alive
and inviting and this game tops them all.  Not only can you now wade
through that beautifully rendered water, but you can actually scuba dive
through it as well!

Sounds and Effects

A much more full and rich musical score can be found in WARPED when
compared to its two predecessors.  There are still those quirky,
whimsical melodies that flow smoothly throughout the game, but now
feature a more complex and engaging score.  The music fits the mood of
the game couldn't ask for anything more.

Those good old familiar sound effects are back and better than ever as
well.  All of the robust noises that you have come to know and love you
still in there with a bevy of new, equally additive sound effects.  

The overall combination of music and sounds work in perfect harmony
throughout the game and bring the wacky world of Crash to life like
never before. 


Well it seems as if Naughty Dog has indeed scored a trifecta with
WARPED, with this title holding the number one spot in the series for
overall gameplay control.  The Crash series has always excelled in this
area but now I believe it is about as tweaked as its gonna get.  The sly
bandicoot now has superb analog control and a host of new moves to
compliment his jumps and twists.

The shift to time travel was a good one, which now has Crash and his
playable sister Coco visiting the four corners of the earth in various
timeframes.  This idea opens things up a bit as players can now scuba
dive underwater in Atlantis, visit Medieval times, become a '50's biker
and battle Arabian Knights.  Hell, there is even a Jurassic Era and a
futuristic level that shows a good deal of vision on the part of the

The level layouts are nicely implemented with 5 locations to visit per
site.  A new site is opened up each time you complete the 5 locations of
the current site.  The locations at each site can be visited in any
order, enabling players to decide which ones they would like to complete
first, second, third, etc.

The game plays out very similar to the previous two in the series where
you must collect a crystal on each level in order to finish the game.
Of course, just collecting crystals though won't get you to all of those
wonderful bonus and secret levels that are hidden throughout the game.
Nope, to get a 100% perfectly completed game you must collect addition
items that can only be obtained by those that are really willing to work
at it.

In addition to collecting the essential Crystals on each level you are
also given opportunity to collect Gems and Relics.   There are two types
of Gems - the clear ones that you receive as your reward for smashing
all of the boxes in a level or for completing a secret area.  There are
a total of 42 clear Gems.  The other type of Gem is the colored one.
These can only be found in special levels and once collected, will
transport you to hidden areas.  There are 5 of these colored beauties.

The other item to try for is the Relic.  To get these, you must re-enter
a level after you have collected a crystal.  You will then be placed in
a time trial mode.  If you just barely beat the time set forth, you will
receive a Sapphire relic.  If you totally kick-ass in that level you
will receive the golden relic.  Collect your first five relics and you
will be treated to a Secret Warp room and a secret level.  Every five
relics collected after that will continue to open a secret level for you
to play through!   There are a total of 30 relics and you need to
collect them all if you intend to get a 100% game completion mark.

The boss levels are as goofy and creative as ever and still force
players to learn each of the boss's unique moves to be victorious.
Also, once you defeat a boss you will receive a new power move that you
keep for the remainder of the game.  Some of these moves are hilarious
and worth their weight in gold.   

So to wrap things up here, this is Crash at it's best.   The depth and
pure enjoyment of gameplay found in WARPED is really second to none.
The control is the best in the series and the locations are a joy to
behold.  This is quite easily the best game in the Crash series and a
must have for all of you gameplayers out there.

Value for Money

The Crash games have always had good reply value with their secret
level, bonus levels and all the stuff you need to collect.  WARPED is
certainly no different and may actually have the best overall value of
the series. 

The levels ramp up in difficulty at a nice steady pace and certainly
keep you glued to the controller in an effort to finish to the game.
The trick of course is to get a 100% totally complete game and that my
friends is going to take a bit of time and effort.

The game is also a graphical showcase and one that you will want to pull
off of your shelf over and over again to show your friends.
GRAPHICS: 20/20 Quite easily the best game of the series, WARPED takes you on a journey through time and space in an effort to collect gems and crystals and to put a stop to the nasty Dr. Neo Cortex.

The graphics are probably at the apex for Playstation games and the sound effects are simply brilliant.

WARPED is a wonderfully presented game that truly goes beyond anything you are likely to find in this genre for any system. The sheer brilliance in the level designs and gameplay are sure to keep you coming back for more.
SOUND: 9/10
VALUE: 18/20


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