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Chocobo's Dungeon 2
"For the younger players this is a nice starter title. The game provides the basic premise for the more intense Squaresoft RPG games. " Image Loading...
Developer: Squaresoft
Distributor: Squaresoft
Game Type: RPG
Review Date: Jan 00
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Setting the Scene:
Image Loading...       Two companions search for an adventure and one just happens to be a chocobo. As you may or may not know, these yellow bird-like creatures are impulsive by nature and often reckless by habit. They claim to be tough and unafraid of failure but are also sensitive and caring to those he considers a friend.

His partner is Mog. He has the heart of an adventurer but is ruled by personal greed and will do anything for treasures and riches. Together they set out to travel the world.
Image Loading...After passing the thick forests of the land, Chocobo and Mog travel up the coastline. Soon thereafter the duo stumbles upon an entrance to a mysterious dungeon and decides to venture in for a closer look.

Inside creatures lurk, traps lay hidden, danger awaits every corner, and possible fortune can be discovered for those brave and strong enough. So it is with a venturing spirit Chocobo and Mog step through the gateway and into their destiny.
What is waiting for the courageous adventurer?
Sound and Vision:
Image Loading...      Visually and musically the game is quite obviously geared for a younger audience. The background music is simple and cute and flows continuously on in the background. The various sound effects that occur throughout the adventure are appropriate for setting the mood and the overall tone of the game. The game also features "voices" (I say this rather loosely) for the characters, which consist of rather crude or cutesy squawks and squeaks. The dialogue sounds were actually a little annoying to me at times and I believe that there could have been more variety or no sound at all for the conversation sequences. Oh, one final note for the sound department…the music for the bosses will surely quicken the heart rates for the younger RPGers and most likely wake up the more hardcore players that have managed to stick with the game to that point.
Image Loading...The introduction sequences and movie clips to advance storylines where done wonderfully as has become the norm with Square games. The younger players will fully appreciate the look and feel, as the colors were bright and cheerful.
The in-game graphics for the backgrounds are all polygonal and are randomly generated in the dungeon sequences. Characters are of the superdeformed variety and contain a bright cheery look to them. As for the villages, castles, towers and forests well they all have that cartoon feel and are rather sparse in details. The actual dungeon scenes used for most of the game was relatively simple consisting of an overhead view with rooms which were basic blocks connected by hallways and doors. I understand this had to be done because of the random dungeon generator, but it still just left me longing for more.

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