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Chrono Cross
"It is one of those rare games where everything just seems to fall into place and will leave gamers completely satisfied with the experience. "
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Developer  SquareSoft Game Type  Strategy
Distributor  Square EA Preview Date  Aug 00
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Setting the Scene:
      Serge is a young man living his daily life like any other normal young man. His daily activities included oversleeping and catching flack from his mother, you know just like you.

This morning was different somehow. Waking late and getting a quick lesson in priorities from his mom, Serge was on his way to the docks to meet Leena. A young girl, more responsible than usual for her age, Leena is Serge's sweetie. Not that he's too eager to admit it; Serge is still throwing off the shackles of boyhood and the uncertainty that goes with it.

Leena has her way and soon Serge is on his way to find some scales to be used in a necklace for Leena. Heading out of his hometown of Arni, Serge wanders to the shore area to get the prized material.

This is how it begins, and what a shame that I can't say anymore. Serge's fate and the fate of those around him are about to change in mind bending and mysterious ways. If only Serge knew the road ahead, maybe he would have decided to stay in bed just a little longer.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Chrono Cross is an Rpg with elements of puzzle solving and strategical use of battle techniques.

Sound and Vision:
      Chrono Cross, like most role-playing games by Square, starts with a beautiful video. The graphical splendor and fully immersive audio make you start drooling before you even start to play. In all seriousness, the opening movies really whet your appetite.

As you start to play CC (Chrono Cross) you realize the extreme detail put into this game. The sound effects are top notch. If you are blessed with a good audio system, you will hear the full effects of what I am talking about. When you are in a forest you can hear the birds chirping all around. The babbling brook or the frogs in the distance fade in and out as you explore your world. Square has done an excellent job commanding the audio in CC, the subtle use of effects is so natural, if you're not careful you may miss it.

The music in CC is also right up there with the sound effects. Story line and mood are conveyed brilliantly with deep brooding dirges, or upbeat melodies that push the story along like a gentle summer breeze. Sound plays a key role in this story and what a beautiful key it is.

The graphics on the other hand reek. Ha, fooled you! Yeah they reek all right, reek with talent and awesomeness. I'm not sure what it is, but Square seems to have the Playstation by the tail when it comes to graphics. Stunning is the word to describe the detail. The character designs are also quite good, and the attention to detail is noticeable.

Whether it's ripples of water as you're treading through waist deep water or footprints fading in the sand as you run, the detail and beauty is always there in the details. When you are in a battle scene CC seems to make use of the so-called "Motion Blur" effect, that we have been hearing so much about lately. I must say Square seems to have this down to an art too. The graphical effects are right on the mark.

Between the totally unbelievable cut scene movies and the all encompassing sound and graphical splendor, CC has got no real room for improvement here.
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