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March 1997

Setting the Scene

Its 2010, the world is a far different place. Our natural fuel resources are almost gone, what remains is priced so high that it is beyond most ordinary citizens. Nuclear fuel has finally been deemed unsafe and Solar just couldn't provide enough energy for everyone, leaving the world poised on the verge of anarchy.

Mobius, was a scientist that some would call revolutionary and others just plain crazy. He pronounced a discovery that could save the world from this darkness. He had discovered a natural mineral called Tiberium that when processed in a specific way produced a super efficient fuel that could be used to power our cities once more. Further investigation proved that this rock was the by-product of a living fungus and as such, if handled correctly could be grown and harvested for the foreseeable future.

Tiberium soon became the word on everyone's lips, areas of the world that contained this product became valuable assets to both Governments and Terrorists alike, both knowing that Tiberium could give them massive financial power and the opportunity to dominate the world - for good or bad.

It was inevitable that war erupted, terrorist groups came together around the world to form The Brotherhood of Nod. Quickly they began forcefully acquiring Tiberium farms and processing factories, using the money they made to finance attacks on the Governments of the world.

The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) was the Governments combined answer to this problem. Crack troops and advanced weapons were gathered together to form a fearsome force. They were authorized to do whatever it takes to eliminate the Brotherhood of Nod.

Let battle commence.......


Sit back and close your eyes.......

Imagine a war-game that simulates the war between two factions - nothing new there!

Imagine a game that expects you to build up your forces and plan clever attacks, counter attacks and diversionary attacks in an effort to outwit your opponent and ultimately bring him to his knees. You have to spend your funds wisely, artillery and troops cost money. Run out of cash at the wrong time and you're as good as dead - nothing really new there either

But try to imagine a game that wraps up all of these features in an easy to play and most importantly "FUN" package, where historical battle knowledge and tactical genius are not paramount to success. A game that can be played by people of all ages, people who like shoot-em-ups and beat-em-ups, rather than just retired old generals and wargame fanatics - well that's what the manual promises - lets see if its true!


I think that's its only fair to point out straight away that the graphics in this game are small, in fact they are tiny. Grandad will struggle to see what going on unless you are hooked up to a 28 inch television. It looks to me as though the graphics have been ported straight over from the P.Cs VGA mode, due to the number of colors and low resolution of the graphics. Its a shame that no-one has showed the programmers the graphical capability of our machine, because this is one of the few areas that lets this game down.

All of these tiny sprites still manage to have their own individual look and personality, making it easier to tell the Commandos from the Engineers and the Rocket launchers from the Medium Tanks. They all move smoothly and at different speeds, carrying out attacking and defending maneuvers independently of each other.

The game has more Full Motion Video than in any other game I have come across. Its not just quantity either, the quality of these mini-movies is as good as has been seen on the PlayStation and for once adds quite a bit to the atmosphere of the game.

Sounds and Effects

When moving any of your troops you are greeted with a "Yes Sir" or " Right away Sir", just to let you know they they are on their way. All of the weapons used by your men have their own firing and exploding sounds and while not exactly 3D surround sound in their execution are nevertheless good enough for the game.

The background tunes are pretty useless it has to be said, all fourteen sound like poor P.C tunes from yesteryear, rather than the CD quality that we have come to expect from the PSX. Again I feel that this is another opportunity missed during the conversion.


Right then, so we have established that the graphics are tiny and the sound is pretty average, so therefore the game must be rubbish - right?

Well if you don't read past this point in the review, you will never know what a truly awesome game you have missed, because this game, even with its anti Next-Gen appearance, may well be the best PlayStation title to date!

Before I launch into how brilliant this game is, I feel that I need to point out a couple of things:
1. I don't work for the company that programmed this game.
2: I hate strategy games, they are usually too slow and fail to hold my attention for more than a few hours.
3: I have not played this game on the P.C and so I am judging it as an original PSX title, rather than as a comparison of the P.C version.

You start each mission with its objective being explained to you in a brief FMV movie sequence. The missions will vary from: Build up your forces and wipe out the enemy and all of their buildings.... right down to: Take one Commando and sneak him past the enemy forces to steal supplies from the centre of their base You can imagine that both missions will need very different tactics to complete the tasks.

A spy satellite is repositioned over the battle area so that both you and your bosses can monitor the progress of the action. This means that the whole view of the game is from above. To make your task more challenging, at the start of each level the whole battleground is blacked out, giving you no idea where the enemy is located. This forces you to set a few troops off on a scouting mission, to locate, but not disturb the enemy. In practice this is a very simple task, just hold the X button on the control pad and move the cursor over the troops and vehicles you wish to assign. As these scouts move, they uncover their surrounding area for all to see. Just like in real warfare, if the enemy is hidden behind a house or camouflaged in among trees, you will have no idea they are there until you get close enough to spot them visually. This is a very nice touch and stops you from spending two hours building up a massive army and then attacking the enemies base, because to start with you have no idea where, or how many, enemy bases there are - some levels have as many as four.

Using the money that is electronically deposited into your bank account at the start of each mission, you must first build a construction yard. Similar in style to Sim City, you must then build a power station to energize it. Followed by a barracks (to build troops), a communications centre (to help find the enemy and track their attacks) and a weapons factory (to build vehicles and tanks). All of this construction takes time and costs money, this is where the Tiberium comes in. By building a refinery, you can start to gather up the green Tiberium crystals, convert them to fuel and sell it for more cash. The crystals are collected by a harvester, send it on its way and it will automatically gather and deposit the Tiberium for you. You need to keep an eye on the Harvester at all times, during its search for crystals it may stray into enemy territory and get blown to pieces.

So now you have the basics and are bringing in cash from the Harvesting, building troops in the barracks and tanks in the factory. The trouble is, the enemy are also harvesting and building. They may well greatly outnumber you in both numbers and weaponry. Many is the time when you will be happily building up your forces only to be ambushed by the enemy in a quick surprise attack, blowing up your factory, destroying your barracks and STEALING your refinery. Yeah that's right, you don't have to destroy everything, you can aquire special troops that can sneak into enemy buildings and make them yours!

This means that you always have to consider that the enemy is building up its forces as well as you, so just waiting and waiting until you have piles of cash to spend on loads of heavy artillery just isn't the answer. Sometimes a quick and clever attack at the start of the level (when the enemy is still weak) can be the best answer.

The control system allows you assign troops to defend your base and they will automatically engage the enemy if they get too close. You can split your forces into groups, sending some through the enemies front door, while simultaneously sneaking another group through the back door. Very quickly you will be carrying out quite complicated tactics with ease and without a technical manual in sight.

During later levels you can use Helicopters, Flame throwers, Stealth tanks (with invisible cloaking capability) and even Nuclear or Satellite laser technologies.

Value for Money

Now then, you may read in other magazines that this game has two faults that cripple its long term enjoyment. After completing the game, I feel that I can accurately comment on them as follows:

No support for the Sony mouse: Yup, this was a very sad omission from what is essentially a point-and-click game BUT it doesn't harm the playability of the game in the slightest!

No support for the memory card: Again I cant understand why they missed this out, but just like DooM, it is a minor inconvenience and nothing more.

Face it guys, there are around FIFTY different missions to play, spread over TWO C.D's, each of the missions even play differently as you adjust your tactics AND you can be the good guys or the bad guys - value for money is second only to the playability of this game.





Imagine the best elements of Sim City 2000 combined with the blasting fun of Re-Loaded all mixed into a game containing a very high level of artificial intelligence and you have Command and Conquer. Younger gamesplayers will enjoy building up massive forces and sending them all into the enemy base for a massive showdown with the enemy, while older players will appreciate the tactical side of the game. As stated earlier, I usually hate these types of game but I can honestly say that in my opinion this is the best game I have so far played on the Sony PlayStation.











Superb strategy game that will keep you occupied for months. Sadly lacking a facility for the memory card therefore you cannot save your game midway through a mission. This leads to many late night as a single mission can take up to three hours too complete.








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