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Danger Girl
"The FMV videos are rather nice, and convey the story nicely. Look out Lara; the Danger Girls are steaming up our television screens as we speak."
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Developer  N-Space Game Type  Action
Distributor  THQ Review Date  Oct 00
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Danger Girl is an action adventure shooter game. The action takes place from the third person perspective.

Visually this is a real mixed bag. The cut-scenes in real-time are a bit on the blocky side and could have been done with a little more detail. The camera work in these scenes, however are well done and do give a cinematic feel. The FMV videos are rather nice, and convey the story nicely. Look out Lara; the Danger Girls are steaming up our television screens as we speak.

During the gameplay, the graphics could also use some work. Not bad, but not very pretty either. Point of view issues are kept to a minimum but some maneuvers can be trying with the sometimes-lagging graphics.

I thought the sound was rather fitting. Not too over bearing, but definitely not lacking. Quality background music accompanies you as you journey on with your Danger Girls, while sound effects and enemy soldiers hoots and hollers make for a nice atmosphere.

Also while you make your way through the various levels, your team leader (or other members of the D.G team), will chime in with updates on your current mission or hints on what may lie ahead. I liked this feature, as it tends to give fluidity to the game play.

There is also rather nice voice acting during the cut scenes, no cheesy dialog here. Well, maybe a little cheesy, but well within comic book boundaries.

The gameplay is a lot of give and take. The missions usually are multiple in their tasks. For example, on one mission you may have three tasks that must be accomplished in order to advance. This is a good idea and also makes for interesting play, however, it can get frustrating quickly due to there being no checkpoints or save points at all, until you complete the entire mission.

Control is fairly decent. Your Danger Girls have a good range of options, from jumping, strafing, ducking, rolling, and even jumping sideways while shooting, all of them seem to work fairly well. An auto aim feature is also available and I highly recommend using it. Sometimes however, the auto aim goes to the wrong target, but this to can be worked around with some skill.

Three playable Danger Girl characters, each with her own unique abilities and attributes

All your favorite personalities from the comic book, including a yet to be introduced member of the team

12 fully explorable levels in globe-spanning locales

Dozens of weapons and spy gadgets

Original story line that takes place between the first and second story arcs of the comic book

Loading screens feature original artwork by the creators

Varied modes of play including stealth, sniper and more

Numerous in-game and pre-rendered cinemas including interactive "branching" in-game cinematics

• Number of Disks: 1
• Number of blocks used on Memory card per save: 1
• Maximum number of Players (without a multi-tap): 1
• Multi-tap compatible (max players): No
• Link-cable compatible (max players): No
• Split screen multi-player option (max players): No
• Other accessories: None
• Dual Shock Pad Digital Button compatible: Yes
• Dual Shock Pad Analog Stick compatible: Yes
• Dual Shock Pad Vibration compatible: Yes
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Cygnus XI   "Danger Girl is a fun game to play and has very sexy videos to boot.

There are some control issues but nothing too terrible, but the lack of sav points during missions is a real cause of frustration during later levels.

I would recommend it to any comic book fan and to those who can't get enough of the third person shooter. The rest of you may want to rent it first and see how you like it."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  42/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  13/20
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. 78% .
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