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Dino Crisis
"Experience the panic of facing the most terrifying predator ever to walk the earth" Image Loading...
Developer: Capcom
Distributor: Capcom
Game Type: Adventure
Review Date: Sept 99
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Setting the Scene:
Image Loading...      Players assume the role of Regina, a member of a special force operative team. Regina and her team of government agents have orders to capture Professor Kirk, a genius scientist, and seize the details of his research. Professor Kirk has set-up a secret laboratory on Ibis Island to complete his most incredible experiment after his country discontinued funding for his project.

Though only 29 years old, Dr. Kirk's research focused on a revolutionary experiment to compile the "Principle of Clean Energy," the ultimate energy source. When this new source of power called 'Third Energy' is released, it can provide new life to a polluted planet Earth, which is presently starved for power. Once a tropical paradise, Ibis Island now runs rampant with carnivorous dinosaurs, including Raptors and T-Rex's that haven't roamed earth in millions of years.

Where is Dr. Kirk? What are the details of his research? And why is the island running rampant with menacing Dinosaurs? It's up to you to find out, but your greatest challenge may be to just get off the island alive....
      Capcom have once again teamed up with Shinji Mikami, creator of the award-winning Resident Evil series, to deliver what could be the hottest action adventure of the nineties. Dino Crisis features all new characters and suspenseful story line, huge 3D environments an the relentless pursuit of predatory dinosaurs. Gamers will also experience the panic of facing off against the most terrifying predator ever to walk the earth.
Sound and Vision:
      After playing Dino Crisis for barely a few minutes it crossed my mind why on earth the Resident Evil game engine had not been put to more use before now. It's such a shame we've had to wait so long for another underwear soiling fright-fest.

I suppose there's no better place to start than the wonderful CG intro. It simply oozes with the Capcom style that was so prominent in the Resident Evil series.

Image Loading...Now before those winging gamers email us to say "computer generated movies waste valuable memory" we'll head you off with the news that after the opening scenes all of the cut sequences use the in-game animations to act out their parts (just like Metal Gear Solid). So there!

Once into the game proper I have to admit that the graphics really are quite different from Resident Evil 2. How? Because they are much, much BETTER! Stunning lighting... crisp, clearer characters... faster enemies... and those dynamic camera angles... WOW! The camera swoops, spins and even follows the character's every move. It's like taking part in a real movie.

You need look no further than the opening scenes to discover the advanced light sourcing and graphical improvements. The player takes control of Regina, a flame haired sexy woman who's dressed for an evening swinging rather than a night of Dino hunting. Low cut top, black tights and a figure hugging action suit that leaves little to the imagination.

Image Loading...Her actions and movements are so smooth and ultra responsive to the control pad (essential when a dino is stomping up her rear). Each movement around the set triggers off an alternative lighting effect.

If she stands above a street light then the beam will reflect off her shiny clothes and silky hair, while moving into the shadows provides a gradual darkening, rather than a sudden switch off. It's all so realistic and really gets home how far we have advanced in 3D gaming in such a short period of time.

The sheer size and speed of the dinosaurs add a dramatic new element to the survival horror genre. They are extremely detailed and fully rendered with the amazing ability to stalk, attack and toy with their human prey.

Image Loading...You can almost feel the vicious nature of the Velociraptors' attacks or the raw instinct of being hunted down by a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The dinosaurs in Dino Crisis are capable of disarming a character through vicious attacks; rendering the player helpless until a new weapon is selected.

Should a creature manage to overpower an unarmed Regina it will grip her with it's huge teeth and shake her about like a rag doll before tossing her back down to the floor.

As you could imagine it takes a few seconds for Regina to regain her senses leaving her wide open to yet another vicious attack. If lucky she may just escape the beasts clutches for sufficient time to limp away and hide (ala Resident Evil 2).

Image Loading...Unfortunately (for her) Dino Crisis introduces a brand new chilling effect I've called 'smellygaming'. When the character is severely injured a trail of blood is left behind, attracting roaming dinosaurs to follow the scent and hunt her down...


The music doesn't really dominate until a frightening event is about to happen. This increases the atmosphere ten-fold and allows the creepy sound effects to generate their full impact. It's also worth mentioning that loading times have been drastically reduced although there's still time for the customary door opening scene.

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