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1 Player

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

Nov 1996

Setting the Scene

Well now, just what we need, yet another DOOM-clone...Well considering the fact that us PlayStation owners only really have one really good DOOM type game (Alien Trilogy. I won't even put Kileck or Epidemic in the same group), I figured maybe this one was worth a look. I'm glad I tried it! Disruptor is a game that takes place in a future time where the Earth has been united. An elite commando group known as the "Stormtroopers" has been assembled to keep the peace and protect people-kind (trying to be politically correct here ladies and gentlemen). You play the role of Jack Curtis, younger brother of Blake, the current leader of the Stormtroopers. You are granted "rookie" status in this elite group and are called on to help control the monster/robot situation that has gotten out of control on Earth and throughout our solar system. You bravely grab your gun and intend to uphold the high standards of your father, the original leader of the group. And so our story begins....


A very polished DOOM style shoot-em-up.


The graphics in my opinion, are easily the best I have seen in this genre of PlayStation games. Everything is crisp and clear and extensive light-sourcing is used to highlight rather than detract from the game. Just wait until you see the brilliant partial explosions that occur when you defeat an enemy. Amazing stuff here.... Each level is completely different from the last one and beautifully rendered. Make sure to check out the Antarctic's wonderfully done (as are all of the levels) and quite easy to get caught up sight-seeing instead of defending yourself! Another nice part of these tasty graphics is that there is very little pixilation of the walls and scenery as you get up close to them. This is something DOOM cannot claim. The large variety of motion captured characters are also nicely done and again, little to no pixilation. Character animation, while being somewhat limited, is also depicted well. The Full Motion Video, while being a bit grainy for my tastes, is well executed and integrated into the game. You get to meet your alter ego, Jack, his brother Blake and several other interesting characters. Another point of mention is that while each level is loading you get voice instructions from your brother on how to handle the level. Again, a very nice touch. It serves nicely to ease the "load wait" time...which is minimal by the way.

Sounds and Effects

The sound effects are brilliant. It seems that nothing got past the programmer of this game. From the variety of sounds your footfalls make on the varying terrain to the explosive sounds of, well, explosions, the sound effects play an integral part of this gaming experience. Sounds of the creatures get louder as they approach and weaker as you move (notice I didn't say "run") away from them. Nicely done. The music is cinema quality throughout (what else would you expect from Universal) and plays an important role in getting the player immersed. It also is worth mentioning that the musical score and mood changes with each level.


Gameplay is executed flawlessly. I was able to jump tight in and start playing without any problems. Game speed is rendered at a consistently high frame rate and the action never lets up. I was extremely impressed with the way the levels were put together. They are complex without being confusing, challenging without becoming frustrating. The puzzle-solving elements are also nicely done and yes, there are many secret rooms with goodies to be found throughout the game.

I found the 20 or so creatures that you encounter to be varied and interesting. Each with their own AI, attributes and attack capabilities. The levels are large and as I stated earlier, completely different in presentation and approach. Congratulations to the developers of this game for taking the time and effort to churn out such an effort.

There are nine physical weapons that your can use (if you find them all) and a nice little twist, something call psionics. These mental weapons have the ability to cause a great deal of damage to your opponents and also bring health to your character. It should also be noted that the special effects used for the psionics are awesome! The lightning and drain power psionics are incredible to see in action.

My only gripe with the game is that you don't have the ability to look up or down. Why this is, I don't know. That aside though, this is a quality game throughout. No shortcuts were taken to get this game to market, just play it and you'll see what I mean.

Value for Money

A very polished DOOM style game. But perhaps it really isn't fair to keep saying that. This game actually takes the DOOM idea and expands on it, bringing this style game to a whole new level. Perhaps in the future we will (and rightfully so) start hear things like "yeah, it's another Disrupter clone type game"...and after all, isn't that the highest praise that one could give to this "type" of game....





Gameplay is extremely good and varied. Each level brings a new challenge and thrill. Get this game!








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