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Legend of Dragoon
"4 disks, 50+ hours of gameplay, beautiful sound and graphics, and an interactive fighting system all wrapped in one great experience."
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Developer  Sony Game Type  Strategy
Distributor  Sony Review Date  Feb 01
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Setting the Scene:
      The Legend of Dragoon (LoD) is an epic adventure of time immortal.

The tale begins in the land called Endiness. Endiness was a world created by the god Soa. Soa created a great tree which gave birth to a myriad of species. Among those species were Humans and Winglies. Winglies were the stronger of the two species, so they ruled over the lesser species, including the Humans. Over time the Humans grew weary of their oppression and sought the help of yet another of the species of Endiness..Dragons!

Over time and discipline the Humans learned to work with the Dragons and harness their enormous energies. This harnessing of Dragon energy let the Humans transform into Dragoons. This was a special gift that not every Human could harness, for there were only but a handful of Dragoons, powerful as they were though, there was only need of a few.

This gave the Humans a fair and even battlefield with the oppressive Winglies. All out rebellion ensued, with the Winglies and their magic powers, clashing with that of the Humans and their Dragoon and Dragon counterparts.

In the end the Humans prevailed.but this was eleven thousand years ago.

Now the hero, Dart, finds himself pondering his life. Orphaned as a small child, by marauding hordes and unknown monsters, he finds himself in search of those responsible for his fate. Little does young Dart realize that "fate" is about to bite him on the.

So the Legend begins.

Type of Game (Genre):
      The Legend of Dragoon is a turn based Rpg type game. The battle engine is interactive to allow more player control during attacks.

Sound and Vision:
      When I first fired up LoD, I was blown away. Sony has proved that they know the Playstation inside and out.

The sound was incredible. During the opening sequence I had to look around and make sure no one was in the room with me. Seriously, this game makes great use out of surround sound effects. Not only in the cut scenes, but also during regular traveling and during battle.

The music in LoD is fairly diverse, but could have been more so. The sound effects were another story. I can't think of another game I have played on the Playstation with effects quite like these. While casting spells or changing into Dragoons, or during various cut scenes, weather FMV or Real time, the sound effects grabbed me and shook me. Also the ambient sounds, like birds chirping, or a deep rumbling in a canyon, do wonders in conveying the feel of the scene.

Very nice... Which leads me to the graphics...


Oh, I guess I should write a bit more.

LoD's graphics are top notch. Especially noticeable are during battle. While transforming into Dragoons or casting spells of various types, the color, detail, and motion of the graphics are tops. The looks of intensity on the characters faces are eerie. I could have sworn I saw some motion blur special effects going on.

No doubt, the sound, and especially the vision of LoD is way above par.
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