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1-2 Players

Game Type


Mem. Card

Review Date

Feb 1997

Setting the Scene

I remember the original Loaded, where you were set the task of escaping from a futuristic prison, using a selected character from a band of murderous killers. The game involved shooting enemies, collecting weapon power ups, shooting objects, finding color keys, shooting mechanical gunposts, picking up health boosts, shooting and more shooting.

As you've probably guessed, Loaded was a shoot-em-up and being an avid fan of this genre, I suppose that I belonged to the part of the games market that Gremlin were aiming for.

Now some 18 months ago, I purchased a brand new, next generation games console, and being excited by the prospect of playing those arcade titles, Tekken and Ridge Racer, in the comfort of my own home, I duly set up my PlayStation and inserted the demo disc provided with the unit. Hmm, now which title should I select? Loaded sounds a barrel of fun.

So there you are, the very first game that I experienced on a PlayStation was Loaded and I thought, is this it? Is this the future of gaming? Where on earth were the multiple camera angles, the graphical splendors and the varying landscapes that the 32-bit console must be capable of? All I could see was this fat, bald blokes skull, creating mayhem in about thirty odd identical areas in a building where the roof had been cut off. That was the last I ever saw of Loaded, it was WipEout and Doom for me. Yes, your trusty reviewer judged a game from a demo disc, but is that not what they are provided for?

I remember the feeling of excitement and anticipation when I first loaded Resident Evil and Tomb Raider into the PlayStation, but this feeling was sadly missing when I inserted a copy of Re-Loaded into the console. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular or even different from the original, but boy was I to be surprised.


The story goes that FUB's brain pod was left flying around the galaxy when Loaded came to an end, and now the fat ugly bastard's pod has crashed onto a planet full of hippies and artists. Mistaking the brain for a comet, an artist named Manuel Auto takes the pod home, only to be awoken during that evening by a terrible nightmare. He felt evil and his mind was full of terrifying ideas. It appears that FUB has transferred his twisted psyche into Manuel's body and would prefer to be called CHEB (Charming, Handsome, Erudile Bastard)

Enter our gang of misfits, as five of the original characters return to this time complete the job properly. The missing member Vox, has been replaced by two new girls Sister Magpie, a cyber nun and The Consumer, a young girl that enjoys a tasty morsel of human flesh for a mid-day snack. Fwank appears as a hidden character (see cheats), while larger than life are Butch, Bounca, Mamma and Cap N Hands.

Re-Loaded returns as a top down bloodfeast, but this time each level is mission based, packed with new ideas, superb lighting and effects and includes much more of a puzzle element.


Each character is introduced to us using some neat animation scenes, although a little short in duration. On entering the game, we find that Re-Loaded has expanded from it's two dimensional construction into a world where we can move up tiers, clamber up ramps and walk on rooftops and walls, with this depth fully utilized in the gameplay. The enemies appear more varied and interesting while their reduced numbers allow more pace and balance to the gameplay. They appear to have a degree of AI, as they will retreat when wounded, only to return on a tier above to roll a boulder in your general direction. Gremlin have retained their gory deaths as their bodies are splattered around the surrounding areas, leaving a split rib-cage in a pool of blood.

Each world that you enter has a unique appearance, with the sandy desert wastelands of Oasis, the neon lit rooftops of Town, the scorching heat of the Foundry, the rich green gardens of the Monastery, the deadly graveyards of the Tropics deserted islands, and the unbelievable finale on CHEB himself.

The most impressive aspect of ReLoaded is the lighting effects. The vision as you unload a smart bomb on your enemies is stunning, while the neon lights and the smoke billowing from the chimneys as you clamber across the rooftops in the Town level, help to create an atmosphere to the game.

Sounds and Effects

The sound effects are similar to Loaded, which is basically an ongoing blast as you continuously unload your weapons in the general direction of your enemies, although their demise is accompanied by a realistic splattering sound as you spread their inners across the scenery. All of the action is backed by the Loaded signature tune from Neil 'Fingers' Biggin.


The controls have a good feel as you walk, run and shoot and there is also an option to strafe or stand your ground firing in rotation. A press of the circle button will flip the weapon hud to reveal a map of the immediate area. As you advance, a colored line shows where you have been but there is no indication shown of the direction of your objective, which is unfortunate, as you often have to stumble upon an item, such as a obscure teleporter, to proceed through the game.

The option screen offers a setting for lives and continues with a choice of three levels of difficulty. You may also select the strength of the friendly fire of your weapons, while your progress may be saved with the use of a memory card.

As each level is loading, you are supplied with a mission or an objective. For instance the opening level asks you to cross a bridge to the east of where you begin. When you arrive there, a grumpy hippy demands three insect grubs before he will lower the bridge, so you must work your way around the area, checking under rocks, before returning to complete the level. Similar tasks are set for each section of which some are quite obvious, while others require a bit of thought.

The Town level is the most impressive as you must manoeuvre across the multi-leveled rooftops using strategically positioned lifts, although this can become quite frustrating as one slip on from the rooftops will usually mean that you must trudge all the way back to the start of the level.

The Foundry is quite straightforward as long as you remember to use the sprinkler system to cool the floors, as failure to activate these will result in a death similar to cracking an egg onto a hot stove.

The Monastery is a fun level as your character must run around an outdoor garden maze searching for a crystal to gain access to the monastery, chased by knife wielding monks. Once entry is gained, then silence is the order, as any sounds will result in giant icicles plummeting from the ceiling. Given the size of your weapons, this is not good news.

You must also roam the art galleries and rescue the bottom wiggling damsels, beat off the Kamikaze divers on the Boat, enter the islands of the Tropics and avoid the pot-bellied zombies, and finally face the oversize CHEB in a battle to the finish.

Now all these areas have an individual look and are divided into twelve missions, which is a huge improvement over charging around a barren prison camp.

ReLoaded can be fun when opting for a two player game. It can be slightly frustrating if you team up with a partner who cannot keep up with your pace of the game, but Gremlin have had the foresight to include a catch up button in the form of a teleporter. Unfortunately the game is lacking a split screen deathmatch, which these level designs would have been ideal for, but you can alter the friendly fire option so a mistimed shot can wound your opponent, if that's your style.

Value for Money

I must admit that I really enjoyed ReLoaded, due to the bright and interesting new level designs. There is actually not a wall in sight in the first two levels which allows a freedom previously uncatered for in the original. Don't be fooled, this is still a mindless blast, but the missions and puzzle solving add an extra element to the gameplay, while the reduction in enemies allow a tactical approach rather than a kamikaze mission.





If you had told me a month ago that I would be singing the praises of ReLoaded, I would have just tightened your straps and called for the nurse, but I found I was playing this game until two in the morning and there has not been many games around recently that could hold my attention like that. Who knows, I may even pick up a copy of Loaded and try again.












After reading all of the negative reviews on this game, I was really hesitant about picking this one up. But I really enjoyed the first one and figured "how bad could the sequel be"? I gotta go along with Martin on this one. The game is a lot of fun to play. Are the graphics better than the first? nope. Is the music better? eh, not really. Is the gameplay improved? You bet. There are considerable puzzle solving elements and good enemy AI. You need to think a bit in this game instead of just blasting everything in site. I liked the fact that you can now move around outside, something the first game had very little of. I can't rate the game a must buy, but can easily say it's a must rent to see if you like it.








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