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Developer Hasbro Interactive Options
Distributer Konami 1-4 Players
Game Type Platform Memory Card
Review Date December 1997 Multitap
Screenshot No.1
Screenshot No.2
Screenshot No.3 
Setting the Scene
Anyone over the age of 24 will doubtlessly recall this retro game from the mid eighties. Whether those memories are of the good times spent successfully hopping to the rescue of the stranded tadpoles or the sheer frustration of your diminutive croaker being repeatedly flattened by a passing vehicle is for you to decide. My recollections are of falling to sleep at night by counting passing logs and turtles only to be awoken from my slumber by the snappy crocodile who leaps out from your only place of respite. Whichever way you choose to remember Frogger I am sure that you will agree that it did have that addictive quality that kept you coming back for more.

I suppose that if you had to categorize Frogger then it would be fair to say that it was a platform game, only this time he's back for a whole set of new adventures and it's all been captured in glorious 3D. The gameplay involves simply hippity hopping your frog over a selection of obstacle courses to rescue your little green friends.

Hasbro have gone to town on the graphical content of Frogger and the results are amazing. Frogger is very nice to look and the bright green polygon frog is forever fidgeting at the bottom of the screen with large rolling eyes, head bobbing and twitching feet at the ready.

Viewed from a top down perspective Frogger has entered a world that is entirely constructed from polygons. No more colored rectangles posing as motor vehicles but trucks, cars and bulldozers move back and forth across the busy roads. They even have little puffs of exhaust fumes trailing from their rear. The calm blue rivers reflect the clouds from above before being gently disturbed by the ripples that form from the passing logs.

Hazards range from poisonous spiders and scorpions to rampaging buffalo and manic lawn mowers. In fact each one of the thirty plus levels throws up a completely different set of obstacles to slow down your progress from A to B. Each has been well animated and combined they provide remarkable visual experience.

Sounds and Effects
The music really helps to bring the levels alive and adds an overall happy tone to an already enjoyable game. Sound effects include the rumbling of cars and trucks on the Retro level, all sorts of insect and animals noises and the star of the game; Frogger: now has his patented "croak" that he uses to call for reinforcements. All in all the music and sound effects fit in perfectly with the games overall theme.

The options screen offers you a choice to play a single game or enter a multi-player mode where up to four players participate in a best of five race. The game controls could not be easier to use with the directional pad moving Frogger up, down, left and right around the screen in small hopping motions. The face buttons implement a super hop for leaping onto higher platforms, a heat seeking tongue to capture the power-ups and a power croak which allows you to call out to the baby frogs. The shoulder buttons rotate the screen by 90 degrees in either direction.

The single player game begins with the five original retro levels. Now I'm sure most of you don't need reminding but the object of the game is to guide Frogger across a busy road where an endless stream of traffic is moving back and forth at varying speeds. After successfully negotiating five lanes of motorway madness a fast flowing river must be crossed by leaping onto moving logs and the backs of passing turtles before recovering a baby frog who is stranded at the end of the course. This journey must be made five times with each trip increasing in difficulty by speeding up the flow of traffic on the roads and throwing in the odd poisonous snake on the banks of the river. If all five baby frogs are rescued within the allowed time the level will be complete and you may move on to the next zone.

You begin Frogger with three lives and survival is the name of the game in the opening retro levels but if you come through these unscathed a whole new style of gameplay begins to open up. The levels are grouped into nine themed zones with the next section taking Frogger off to a water filled pond that is dotted with small islands. Once again the tailless amphibian must leap onto passing items to discover the whereabouts of the five baby frogs only this time they are hidden within a total 3D world. Frogger can now climb onto higher platforms then leap onto the back of a passing bird who will transport the frog over previously impassible waters while floating balloons act as stepping stones onto the tree tops where baby frogs patiently await your arrival.

To enhance the gameplay there is a multitude of power-ups scattered around every level which appear as various forms of bugs and flying insects. A press of the heat seeking tongue button is all that is needed to collect the power up which range from extra lives to boosting your jumps up to double speed.

There are a wide range of themed lands where the player must guide Frogger past many lethal encounters such as moving across mechanical platforms, negotiating a slippery ski slope, leaping from jet planes onto the backs of flying geese and performing a spot of slime sliding down greasy pipes. Some of the levels have terrific ideas such as Honey Bee Hollow where not only must you race against the clock but outrun a pack of chasing bees, Boom Boom Barrel which contains small crates of TNT that on contact hurl your frog into the air, hopefully landing on dry land, and the aptly named Reservoir Frogs where death lies around every corner.

Multi-player mode allows up to four players to simultaneously race different colored frogs in five specially designed levels in split-screen mode. A multi-tap is required when more than two players are participating. The winner is the first player to collect the best of five flags. This form of racing proved great short term fun especially when your frog can jump onto the back of another and hold him down on the spot before leaping to safety just as a vehicle is approaching. Squish!

Value for Money
As a single player game Frogger offers many stunning environments but retains that frustration factor that drove many gamers to the brink back in the eighties. However the original game still sold by the million and I'm sure that this will do likewise.

GRAPHICS: Excellent Hasbro have performed wonders with the graphics of Frogger and should be highly commended for this work of art. The sound effects are of the highest quality and the music compliments the mood of the game. The gameplay retains those addictive qualities that will keep you coming back for more but I would recommend that you only play for short periods at a time as the frustration factor remains ever present and the controller will end up dicarded on the floor many, many times.
GRAPHICS: Very Good Frogger get a wonderful graphical facelift for the '90s. The game looks absolutely fantastic compared to the original. The game also features the classic frogger game all decked out in polygons.

The game still requires split second timing and damn good reflexes. All of the tension of the original game has been pretty much preserved here...unfortunately so has the frustration level. The game is hard. Sometimes unecessarily so. Level design could have been improved a bit, and a ramped difficulty setting as well.

It's a good update to a classic arcade game and provides a mean 4-player challenge it just ain't no cakewalk!
SOUND: Average
VALUE: Average

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