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Developer: Mega Toon Studios OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Ocean(Euro)/Sony(USA) 1 Player
Game Type: 3D Platform Memory Card
Review Date: June 1998 Analog Pad

Setting the Scene

Have you pounded Pandemonium, crushed Crash and finished Final Fantasy? 

Are you looking for a new challenge? 

Then look no further than Jersey Devil, the new 3D platform game from 
Mega Toon Studios and distributed by Ocean. 

Over 250 years ago in New Jersey, a certain pumpkin mutant named Dennis 
came across an unusual looking creature while walking in the woods one day. 
He promptly snared the beast and returned to his masters laboratory 
where the mad scientist, Dr Knarf, was conducting his warped experiments.

The doctor had never seen a creature like this before. It was purple in 
color and had two pointed horns, a spearing tail and a small set of wings 
attached to it's back. In fact it looked very much like an infant devil. 

Dr Knarf left his laboratory on a short journey to collect some fresh 
scalpels to dissect this unusual creature but on his return the 
Jersey Devil had completely destroyed his work place and made an escape 
into the city. 

For hundreds of years incidents were reported that the mythical creature 
had been sighted within New Jersey and the surrounding area. In total 
there have been some 2,000 witnesses who have laid claim to sighting 
the beast, including Bonaparte, the past king of Spain.


Jersey Devil is a platform game that has hundreds of playing areas 
divided into eight enormous levels. The player must guide the mischievous 
creature across a selection of 3D worlds which are packed with an abundance 
of obstacles and enemies. Jersey Devil is a versatile character as he can 
jump, tail flip, pick up, crouch down, climb, punch and push. A sort of 
purple Lara Croft with horns.


The legend of the Jersey Devil is explained via a short introductory 
movie. No polygons, no live footage - just pure animation of the highest 
quality. In fact the opening 'toon' would nestle comfortably alongside the 
likes of Bugs Bunny and Road Runner in a Saturday morning Cartoon show.

The first thing that I noticed was the speedy loading times. This was all 
the more remarkable when you feast your eyes on the highly detailed levels.

The game opens up with the likable character patiently awaiting your 
arrival on the streets of a small town which are deserted apart from 
the occasional butterfly that flutters by. His small pointy 'devil 
horns' from the intro have been replaced by long floppy rabbit ears 
that wiggle with every head movement while his lengthy pointed tail 
swishes back and forth, failing to stay still for a single second. 
He is dressed in a tight fitting purple waistcoat with 'super hero' 
red boots and gloves with a set of matching wings. JD is forever 
fidgeting, scratching his bum and suspiciously glancing back over 
his shoulder while his entire body expands and contracts as he draws 
air into his lungs. When he moves forward he appears to stoop forward 
to counter balance this action which is smooth and fluid. This guy 
is alive, I tell you. 

The standard of the graphics for the scenery are of the highest quality. 
The entire polygon environment is bright, colorful and pleasing to the eye. 
Detailed vehicles are parked along the streets and can be climbed upon to 
then leap onto nearby canopies. Lamp posts and mail boxes are positioned 
on the sidewalk, a funnel of water sprouts into the air from the centre 
of the town fountain and each building has their own unique design. 

Jersey Devil can wander anywhere within the confines of these vast 3D 
environments and he is always closely followed by an intelligent camera 
that captures the immediate area. He is viewed from above and behind 
but the right and left shoulder buttons can be used to adjust the viewing 
angle which is helpful when negotiating a tricky platform leap or fending 
off the many enemies he must confront.

Sounds and Effects

The sound track that accompanies the game matches the mood of the 
playing area. One minute it's haunting and increases the tension, the next 
it is relaxing and soothing. Whichever, it adds to the atmosphere of the 

The effects are also straight out of the top drawer. Whizz, bangs and 
crashes create that loony tunes mood while every leap is accompanied by 
a slapstick whistle and on landing you are treated to a dusty thud. In 
fact for a cartoon style game the sound effects are perfect in every 


So how does it play? Well let's get this straight before we go 
too far down the line. Sometimes you will be amazed by the characters 
agilities and actions while other times you will be tearing your hair 
out in frustration. The platform leaps are tricky to put it mildly, 
but they are not impassible, and the enemies can be disposed of with 
a little brute force. However when meeting a foe on an intricate 
platform system the combination of the two will cost many lives.

The opening area acts like a type of playground. There are no enemies 
around so you can take a little time out to get use to the control 
system. JD performs a timely leap, a helpful crouch and a handy left 
hook. Combine a leap with a punch and he will pirouette through the 
air destroying anything in the vicinity with a vicious tail whip. A leap 
into the air can also be combined with the fly button to spread open 
his wings and fly through the air gradually descending. 

The first real level is set in the grounds of a spooky mansion. Pumpkin 
enemies will pop out of the ground and proceed to throw bombs in your 
general direction. A couple of punches is all that is needed to quickly 
knock their lights out and allow you to get on with the task in hand. 

Crates are scattered all around the levels. Some contain bouncing pumpkins 
which offer an extra life when 100 are collected, occasionally they hold 
an bonus life while others hold letters of the alphabet which eventually 
spell the word KNARF. This word provides the key to open the next area. 
Larger crates can be pushed around the level to access higher areas, doors 
can be punched down to reveal a hidden cashe of goodies and walls may be 
vaulted to enter fenced in areas below. Trees and flag posts can also be 
climbed to reveal bonus pumpkins or extra lives. Now this may be beginning 
to sound like a standard platform game but each area is so different from 
the last and the obstacles are wide and varied. Boulders chase you across 
narrow walkways, swinging platforms allow you to cross treacherous terrain, 
switches must be discovered to open locked doors and to defeat the bosses 
you must use every move that JD can muster, in fact I would say that we 
have a true rival for Crash 2 on our hands here. 

If their is one flaw with Jersey Devil then it must be the length of time 
before you reach a saving point. Get this, you must pass through ELEVEN 
challenging areas before you can clock in a save. I honestly thought there 
was a bug in the game believing some idiot has forgot to include the save 
points. Luckily there are ample lives to collect and quite a few restart 
points meaning you need not go all the way back to the start each time 
you die. 

Value for Money

Drop dead gorgeous graphics and sound to match are just the icing 
on the cake as the gameplay is challenging, varied and has that 'I must 
take a peek at the next level' factor which will keep you coming back 
for more. 3D platforms are taking off on the Playstation and so far 
Jersey Devil is the cream of the crop. 

GRAPHICS: 18/20 This is one tough cookie, in fact I have never experienced a game where so many levels had to be overcome before a save facility was offered. Had the game not been up to scratch I would have given up after restarting the first level several times but it was and I didn't. Having played Jersey Devil for several weeks I am barely one third through the game therefore lastability is not in question. There are a few irritations as some of the platform leaps suffer from the 3D environment and are extremely difficult to judge your distance but persistence will prevail. If you purchase this game then do not give up on it as Jersey Devil gets better and better as you progress.
SOUND: 8/10
VALUE: 15/20


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