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"All through the title it screws with your mind and definitely left a lasting impression on me" Image Loading...
Developer: Will&Tokinhouse
Distributor: Jaleco
Game Type: Adventure
Review Date: Nov 99
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Setting the Scene:
      Get ready to enter a dream world unlike any that you have experienced before. Juggernaut promises to open the realm of another mind and take gamers on a psychological journey in search of a loved ones soul.

Image Loading...You play the role of "the boyfriend" in this point and click tale of terror. Your girlfriend Sarah has just been possessed and it is up to you to try and rescue her soul and bring it back to her body. It seems that a malevolent creature somehow inhabited a bottle that you purchased for Sarah at an antique store as a gift. When one day she decided to open the bottle, she inadvertently released the spirit trapped within and was quickly consumed by the creature. Using all her will power, Sarah made a last ditch call to a priest pleading for help. By the time the priest arrived to Sarah's home all she could utter was your name and then her simply faded away…

The priest promptly contacts you and asks that you come over to Sarah's right away. When you arrive, the priest gives you the background and states that only you can save here soul, but to do that you must first enter into Sarah's mind and try to retrieve it from the beast that has stolen.

Hell, I suppose it's the least that you can do being that you brought her the cursed bottle in the first place! So, does Juggernaut steamroller over gamers with it's story or does it just peter out and end up another "point & click will make you sick" game playing experience. Read on!
Sound and Vision:
      Considering the fact that this is a point & click title and all of the screens are pretty much static you would expect high quality/Hi-Res renderings in this game. Well, sorry to disappoint you. The screens in Juggernaut appear to be created by the Playstation in it's low-res mode. What we end up with are somewhat grainy, pixilated images that I found rather uninspiring. There is no Myst quality images to be found here folks.

Image Loading...So, now that you understand that the screens aren't all that they could have been, does it take away from the game playing experience…well, yes it kind of does. The images manage to portray a very disturbing world that you must venture through and creates a good feeling of gloom and despair…but I just couldn't stop myself from thinking how much creepier it could have been if the screens where of a higher quality. The images would have been that much more frightening and real to the gamer. Overall I was able to overlook the deficiency of the images because they weren't totally unviewable but they could have been much better.

Sound effects are rather sparse and are used more to create a "mood" rather than entertain. In this aspect, the effects succeed but there could have been more effects added in the background to really give the title a more "full" feeling.

The music is pretty much done in the same vein as the effects. Everything is played out to create an atmosphere of dread and foreboding and to some extent it succeeds. Again, it could have been a bit more pronounced but it didn't put me to sleep either.
      Juggernaut starts off by filling in the background of what is to come. You play the part of Sarah's boyfriend and must enter her mind in an effort to retrieve her soul, which has been possessed by some sort of demonic entity. A priest that Sarah had contacted before going off the deep end assists you from the real world. He is your only point of contact with reality and plays a somewhat minor role in helping you along your way.

The "way" just happens to be some sort of bizarre world within Sara's subconscious that you travel through all the while trying to find clues as to the whereabouts of Sara's soul.

Image Loading...To guide you along a compass will appear on the screen with indicators that inform you which direction (N, S, E & W) you can go. Simple presses of the corresponding direction key and off you go with the Playstation painting the next image on your screen to show you where your choice has brought you. The game features a good amount of branching locations that could end up getting you lost and traveling around in circles if you don't chart your moves.

Image Loading...Now no point & click game would be worth its salt if it didn't include puzzles and boy does Juggernaut ever have puzzles. There are your basic puzzles like trying to figure out clues on how to use objects that you find. Then there are the intermediate ones that require figuring out various codes and finally there are the brain-drainers that will have you bashing your head against a wall and throwing your controller in disgust. Yep, Juggernaut has the puzzles covered. Unfortunately, I found a good deal of the puzzles to be far too difficult due to vague or non-existing clues. Some things I just had to guess at and finally got lucky…for the average gamer this could prove too frustrating to bear. I don't mind difficult puzzles but they should at least make sense and have a logical conclusion. I did find some of the puzzles quite inventive such as those that required me to memorize certain phrases from a song and input them in a proper order to enable you to open a series of doors. These sound puzzles are used in other areas of the game as well and I found them quite enjoyable.

If you really enjoy point & click style games you could certainly do worse than Juggernaut. Since you are playing out things in a spiritual world the developers had a lot of lead way with how things could be done. As a spirit you can move through small holes in walls for instance and do things that a physical being cannot. Of course there are also things that you cannot do such as moving solid objects or opening doors and such. To solve this, you have the ability to place your soul into the husk of a body by using a special machine that you will find in the game. The way this is accomplished is pretty gruesome but cool non-the-less. It is a rather clever game that is unfortunately hampered by overly vague puzzles and sub-par graphics but the story is a good one and it plays out nicely.
Game Options:
      This is a 1 disk game for 1 Player. It is compatible with the standard (digital) joypad and the button controls of the dual shock joypad. Games can be saved via memory card (1 block per save).

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Staff Opinions  
Tom: "Juggernaut is one strange ass game. All through the title it screws with your mind and definitely left a lasting impression on me that had me thinking of the game after I had completed it.

If point & click games are your thing, by all means check this one out. You will probably like it a lot. If however you like your action fast and require nice eye-candy in your diet to survive, you may want to pass on this one. "
Graphics: 9/20
Playability: 38/50
Sound: 6/10
Lastability: 17/20
Overall: 70%
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Reader Opinions  

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