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"When you travel around the rooms in Koudelka, it is a nicely rendered 3D scene, with doorways that you can go through, in Resident Evil fashion"
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Developer  SNK Game Type  Strategy
Distributor  Infogrames Review Date  Sep 00
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Setting the Scene:
      Halloween 1898, Wales. The story of Koudelka begins here. Koudelka is drawn to an eerie monastery by the name of Nemeton Abbey. As she first arrives on the scene a wounded man crumpled in the corner of a dark room awaits. Nemeton is no ordinary abbey; this one is decrepit and run down, no longer a building full of life and vitality, well, at least not life, as we know it.

As koudelka approaches the man he warns her of the doom behind her. A gun is thrown through the air and into Koudelkas hands, as she springs into action to defend herself against the twisted evil form attacking through the dark.

Slain. The monster now heaped in an unrecognizable form on the floor, Koudelka has a chance to meet this injured man.

Edward is his name. The two of them continue to explore the formerly hallowed halls of Nemeton Abbey, each with their own purpose. As they make their way through the corridors they find the husband and wife who work as the caretakers of the estate.

Leaving the hospitality of the caretakers, Koudelka and Edward push on through the abbey halls. Further along, they run across another man in distress. Found nearly at the point of death, James, a holy man, is added to the mismatched duo, bringing the count to three.

What awaits these three souls as they make their way through Nemeton? Why are they here? Each has their own agenda, and neither one trusts each other. What good can come out of this situation? And who are those two caretakers?

A lot of questions abound, and there is only one way to find the answers.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Koudelka is an RPG Adventure game with a horror theme, its similar to Resident Evil in many ways..

Sound and Vision:
      The first thing to stand out in this game is the video cut scenes, Koudelka uses both real time cut scenes and CG animated scenes. Both are done very nicely. The real time scenes have some flicker, but not anything out of the ordinary. The CG scenes however are beautiful, and relay the storyline quite nicely.

The best part of Koudelka is the quality of the acting. No matter if it is a real time or a CG scene you are watching, the passion and emotions of the characters in the game really shine through. This game is on 4 discs, and it's no wonder why. Koudelka is packed with story telling scenes that make this game play more like an interactive movie than a game.

Sound in Koudelka is so-so. Nothing seemed to grab my attention while playing. During battles you get pretty much the same music, although nice, variety could have been more prevalent. Sound effects are there, but again, not as much as they should have been.
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