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Muppet Monster Adventure
"The simplicity of gameplay makes it well suited for younger children. There is plenty of depth to keep you entertained for hours at a time."
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Developer  Travellers Tales Game Type  Platform
Distributor  Midway Review Date  Dec 00
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Muppet Monster Adventure is a haunting 3D action packed adventure featuring the famous Jim Henson's Muppet crew. Help Robin rescue his uncle Kermit and pals from a Monstrous fate.

The adventure begins with a reading of "The Will". Dr. Honeydew's twisted Uncle has past on, and the Muppets were invited to attend. This was just a demented little plan to capture the Muppets and turn them into ghoulish versions of themselves. Imagine Kermit as Frankenstein and Miss Piggy as the Bride of Frankenstein. What a scary thought! Don't fret, Kermit's little nephew Robin is on a mission to save them and get them transformed back.

Robin begins his mission at the eerie Von Honeydew estate. Pepe, is a cute character and one of the first Robin runs into. He tries like hell to speak with a French accent and is a little hard to understand at times but is useful and fun to talk with. He shows up pretty frequently to guide you thru gameplay. Robin needs to collect evil energy and destroy certain containers, this can be done with a nifty little spin kick or shooting the object with the gun that Robin is armed with. You will find that in order to accomplish some tasks you will need to collect the appropriate morph. There are a few morphs to accumulate. Once a morph has been collected, Robin will have the power to swim under water, or climb like a squirrel, and fly like a bat. Once Robin finds his way to the teleporter, he will be able to exit the level and continue to the next. Hint.Beware of the scissor-happy Gardner, he is a little quicker than Robin at times!

There are 18 different levels to explore, the fun of it lies in exploring the grounds, finding surprises, collecting goodies and bashing thru the levels. Gather all the goodies required for that level so you can enter the next. There is plenty of variety to keep you entertained such as minigames, collecting letters in each level to spell "Bonus", and scarfing up coins. All these items will earn a reward. I know what your thinking, what is a story without enemies? Don't fear, this Muppet Monster world is not all that ROSEY, Robin will stumble upon a few foes along the way and will have to deal with 6 Muppet bosses not to mention oversized twisted friends.

Inspiring graphics complemented the gameplay. Cool monster effects and imagination used to create these horror flick wantabes such as Ker-Monster and girlfriend of Ker-Monster, Wocka Wocka Werebear, Mucky the Muck, and last but not least lovable Gonzo as the Count..Noseferatu.

Original Muppet voices and soundtrack is a definite highlight. The sound effects were run of the mill type but the Muppet type humor was enjoyable. Pepe's witty comments and innuendos will surely crack you up.

Authentic Muppet character images, voices, and original soundtrack

Five special morphing abilities-glide, climb, swim, smash, and push/pull

Six spooky 3D worlds to explore

Eighteen levels of gameplay

Over 50 Muppet enemies and six Muppet bosses to challenge

• Number of Disks: 1
• Number of blocks used on Memory card per save: 2
• Maximum number of Players (without a multi-tap): 1
• Multi-tap compatible (max players): No
• Link-cable compatible (max players): No
• Split screen multi-player option (max players): No
• Other accessories: None
• Dual Shock Pad Digital Button compatible: Yes
• Dual Shock Pad Analog Stick compatible: Yes
• Dual Shock Pad Vibration compatible: Yes
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Loretta   "Muppet Monster Adventure is the first 3D Muppet adventure game introduced to the PSX. I found it to be a charming and fun game. The simplicity of gameplay makes it well suited for younger children. There is plenty of depth to keep you entertained for hours at a time.

MMA is far from spooky; the only frightening aspect I noticed was Pepe's hair. Hehehe!! "
Graphics  12/20
Playability  35/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  15/20
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. 70% .
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