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R-Type Delta
"probably the most attractive side scrolling shooter I have played" Image Loading...
Developer: Irem
Distributor: Agetec
Game Type: Shooter
Review Date: Aug 99
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Setting the Scene:
      Remember those days where the arcades were packed with finger pumping, side scrolling shooters and being on top of the high-score charts actually gave you a recognizable identity?

Well... Irem have finally got around to bringing R-Types, their classic from the Eighties, bang up to date and fit for the 21st Century. R-Types Delta is a wonderful remix-tastic, full color-mendous, polygon-sumptious, reincarnation of the 80's arcade hit title.
Sound and Vision:
      I remember casting a suspect eye over the recent release of the original R-Types on Playstation. Maybe you did get a compilation disc that contained two of Irem's finest arcade games from the late Eighties: R-Types and R-Types II, but surely a more modern version would have been more suitable for a next generation console. The fact that the game also included a sneak preview of Delta sent signals that Irem's tact may have been nothing other than a 'quick cash in'. The CG intro to last years compilation filled up more disc space than the shallow sprite based visuals of the game itself. However this year the tables have thankfully been turned. The intro is over in a flash but the in-game rewards are a Chocolate Sundae Surprise, with a Cherry on top... the graphical effects are stunning!

Image Loading...No longer are you piloting the craft across a dark galaxy with a backdrop of stars. Now the fight has been taken to the streets. Viewed from the classic side-scrolling perspective your craft begins it's first contact low flying among a towering inferno of high rise blocks. You can actually swoop down low and take out a few of the road vehicles where hidden power-ups lie, although flying at this altitude is extremely hazardous as bridges must be negotiated. Occasionally the camera tilts a full 360° when a phase has been completed... only to be faced with dozens more oncoming enemy fighters in all shapes and sizes.

Making a favored return are the robotic Bosses. As each section of their massive frame is systematically dismantled it flashes and glows before disintegrating into the atmosphere shadowed by a thick cloud of smoke. Each direct hit on the smaller enemy craft provides an amazing explosion as they bursts into large glowing balls of flame.

Image Loading...True to the theme of the original game the backdrops constantly switch from air to water... occasionally both. The water effects are amazing as ripples are formed when skimming the surface, while seconds before the giant fish enemies leap into attack bubbles and waves disturb the launching area.

Once again the longer your craft remains in the game... the better the upgrade of weapons. Your solitary pea-shooter soon become an enormous war machine that fires rockets, fire balls, missiles... you name it! Fully equipped the effect can be compared to a quality laser show.
      Although I was well impressed with the visuals of R-Types Delta my first impressions of the gameplay raised a few alarm bells. Surely if you're going to move a title forward a full decade then a whole new set of levels would be the least we could expect.

Image Loading...The fact is... Delta is almost identical to R-Type II. You begin flying against an oncoming formation of air attacks. These are quickly joined by a few ground robots and fixed artillery. Soon the snaking enemy appears along with the mega spaceship whose tail flame must be avoided, the large ship that slowly circles your craft, the giant fish, the stomping robot... sound familiar?

There are three different craft to choose from and three difficulty settings. The fundamental difference between the craft is the way that weapons are fired. Choose between those armed with free flying bullets, connected anchors or tentacles that whip and electrocute enemies.

Image Loading...Because the game is a side scrolling shooter your craft is dragged along with the speed of the game. It's not exactly snails pace but I did find this slower than the original two games. However there is an option to briefly speed up, or slow down the craft by pressing the shoulder buttons. The controls are similar to the arcade game. The face buttons are used to fire the weapons. The rapid shot is ideal for spraying the whole area with bullets. The normal shot may be more tiresome on the trigger finger but if held down for a few seconds produces an almighty surge of power that clears anything in it's path. The Force button is worth getting to grips with. It allows the player to eject the front shield pod and then either leave it to freely roam the screen blasting enemies with secondary fire, or connect it to the rear and attack from both ends. Finally after several minutes lay the Special Weapon should be charged up allowing another impressive fireworks display.
Game Options:
      This is a single disk game for 1 Player. It is compatable with the standard (digital) joypad. Games can be saved via memory card.

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Staff Opinions  
Martin: "Graphically R-Types Delta is probably the most attractive side scrolling shooter I have played. It really is candy to the eyes.

The sounds and effects are a bit dated. The arcade music is hardly worth mentioning while the explosion noises are barely 'explosive'.

In gameplay terms if you love side scrollers then go for it. It is a definite improvement over the last compilation, but I would have preferred new levels."
Graphics: 17/20
Playability: 45/50
Sound: 6/10
Lastability: 15/20
Overall: 83%
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Reader Opinions  

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